Bookcase Secret Door

Secret bookcase door halfway open hiding secret gun room
Secret bookcase door halfway open showing secret gun room
Secret bookcase door halfway open showing secret gun room

From $2,500.00

Our top selling product! This secret door will perfectly hide the entry to your basement, study, or hidden man cave.

Available in multiple finishes, and a wide range of access control options, you can customize the look and feel of your bookshelf secret door exactly to your liking.  

The design and mechanics are based on our $8000+ custom bookcase projects and is built to the same secrecy standards.

Build Your Bookcase


Due to extreme demand, current lead times are 12 weeks.

Materials and Finishes

Alder Hardwood

We offer our bookcases in Alder hardwood veneer over a stable engineered wood substrate. This results in premium appearance, easy repair, and the ability to accept a wide variety of stains and paints. Three stain options are available as well as an unfinished option if you wish to apply your own finish to match other cabinetry or furniture.

Uniboard® TFL

We choose Uniboard® TFL panels from Canada because of their incredible quality. Specially engineered for furniture, they offer superior flatness, wear resistance, and dimensional stability compared to hardwoods. Laser etching provides a natural wood grain appearance.
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Upgrades and Options

For a complete listing of available options use the Build Your Bookcase tool.

Magnetic “Key” Entry – included

This is the standard access method. Simply wave the magnetic key in front of the hidden sensor in the woodwork to unlock the door.

wireless access control

Allows the use of a wide variety of fun and exciting switches. Electronics are pre-installed and tested prior to shipment. Simply plug the control system into a wall outlet using the provided power adapter.

key fob

Open your door with the click of a wireless button. Approximately 60 foot range and can be easily concealed. Requires the “Wireless Access Control” upgrade.

wireless keypad

Open your door with a code of your choosing. Keypad is wireless and can be located in a location that is most convenient. Face is a brushed stainless steel finish. Requires the “Wireless Access Control” upgrade.

wireless tilting book 

By far our most popular secret switch. Place the book in any location you’d like and simply tilt the spine towards you to open the door. Many classic titles available bound in beautiful covers. Requires the “Wireless Access Control” upgrade.

Tilting book switch for opening a secret door
Voice control

Use Amazon Alexa or Google Home to control access to your door with phrases like “Open Sesame”. Wi-Fi connection required. Provide your own Amazon or Google device.

Sizing and Installation

The Hidden Door Store team fully assembles and tests each door before shipment. This includes installing the door in our testing jig that simulates the required wall conditions. The door is crated and shipped pre-hung so installation is fast and easy for a handy homeowner or contractor. Unlimited phone support – though rarely needed – is both available and free.

Proper wall preparation is important. Clients can either build or remodel their home to incorporate the required dimensions or hire a general contractor to adjust an existing door opening.

Our bookcase door fits into rough door openings of 38″ width. Please see the wall diagram below:

Pre-assembled and tested door system
All screws and necessary hardware
Chosen power system
Chosen activation switches
Required tools
Cordless or corded drill
Level or laser
#2 Phillips driver bit
At least 2 people