Bullet Proof Front Doors

Is a bullet proof front door part of your home security strategy?

Our highly sought after line of high security doors include bullet proof entry doors, offering protection from handguns, rifles and automatic weapons.

Bullet proof front door
Testing Our Bullet Resistant Front Door

We’ve all seen in recent years how important a bullet proof entry door can be to safeguarding your family, your valuables and yourself. From civil unrest to terrorist action, threats are ever closer to our front door – no matter how historically “safe” a neighborhood was.

bullet proof entry door

Given this, a rise in demand for bullet proof front doors has become increasingly apparent from our security-minded clientele.

From protecting business leaders to heads of state, we offer nothing but the ultimate best in home security.

Our FE15 level Fortress Series steel security doors are the gold standard for bullet proof doors for homes, and are fully custom to your front door preferences.

In addition to complete control over design, size, automation, access control and more, high level ballistic resistance is also available.

Bullet Resistant Front Door Options:

  • FB4 ballistic / UL 3 Equivalent is tested to to withstand fire from handguns including 9mm and 44 Magnums.
  • FB6 ballistic / UL 8 Equivalent is tested to withstand fire from rifles, including automatic weapons like AR-15 and AK47

Our Fortress Series bullet proof front doors start at $9,000.