Custom Steel Security Doors: Bullet Resistant Front Door Security 

Custom Steel Security Doors

Whether for embassies, banks, hotels or private residences, our custom security doors and secret doors can be found the world over. 

There is no safer way to protect the entrance to your house or a critical room of your house than with a custom steel security door. Why is custom so important when it comes to the buying the right security door? There are three important reasons

#1 Custom Steel Security Level 

Custom Wooden Security Door

Your investment in a security door is driven by that which you are trying to protect. Are you endeavoring to keep your wife safe in case of a home invasion? Are you looking for a safe place your kids can run to? Are you looking to protect irreplaceable items?

Likewise, the type of threat varies, too. Are you more concerned about avoiding an opportunistic (but sophisticated) thief, or a credible threat to your family’s lives? 

These wide range of threats require different security measures, and a one-size-fits-all security door simply wont provide the protection for your particular needs. For example, in protection from a robust threat, high level door bullet resistance will be important. As another example, if a safe-haven for your children is important, than a quick – yet eminently secure – access method should be utilized.  With a custom security door, the security options can be customized to your specific protection goals. 

 #2 Custom Size Security Door

Secondly, you’re best off investing in a security door that is the proper size needed for your home – not the other way around. 

It’s critical that your custom steel door fits within the design of your home or it may stick out, and draw attention to itself that it is a security measure. While sometimes visible security is useful, in most cases an overt steel security door can signifying to criminals that your home has items of value, or that they can be found in specific rooms. 


With our custom design and custom size secret doors, your door can fit the exact height, width, and even precise design of your other home doors and decor. 

#3 Custom Beauty 


Finally, custom steel security doors offer you the ability to match your design tastes. Whether you want an intricately carved wooden secret door design, or a hyper-modern minimalist look, our team has matched style preferences throughout the globe. We provide hundreds of existing custom door designs, or we can produce your entirely custom design. We can also completely match an existing design of a door in your home, which is perfect if you want a hidden security door in your home. 


While a standard security door can be a fine option for the budget conscious, if your family, valuables or sense of security depend on a front or interior door, then investing in a custom security door is the shrewdest option.

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