discreet forced entry resistant doors

Discreet Security

Our high security doors don’t just protect your family – they do it discreetly. Those experienced in high level security understand that secrecy is a critical aspect of any protective strategy. No matter how much steel is truly in our doors, from the exterior they look just like any high end crafted door. Criminals will never know that you have something highly valuable inside to protect.

Beautifully Custom

Don’t settle for security at the expense of aesthetics. Our security doors are clad in a wide range of material, custom selected by you. Our master woodworker sources a wide variety of materials including hardwood Oak and Mahogany. We are thoroughly skilled in intricate designs, including replicating historical architecture. 

Attractive security door
All side locking security door

Ultimate Protection

Most importantly, our doors are the gold standard for secure access, used by discerning clients including heads of state and business executives. We are one of the only residential security doors that meet rigorous forced entry resistant certifications by the United States Department of State. Every possible point of entry has been analyzed and guarded against, for even a military style attack.

Official Certifications

Upgrades Include:

Forced Entry Resistant Doors certified by US Dept of State

Forced Entry Resistant Door – Key Security Features

All side locking security door

16 Locking Bolts

Steel locking bolts protrude from multiple locations to ensure an impenetrable seal on sides, top and bottom of door.

hinge side studs high security door

Hinge-Side Studs

Additionally, up to 8 specially designed locking studs connect the door to the hinge-side frame at all times.

Multi-layered steel constructed door

Multi-layered Steel Construction

A steel grating on both sides of the door offer multiple layers of protection and ensure that both sides are secure from forced entry.

Bolts secured in to steel tubing

Steel Cylinders

When engaged, bolts are further secured in place by protruding in to steel armored tubing, each in its own location.

manganese plated locks

Manganese Steel Plates

Armored steel plates reinforced with manganese protect all locking components from lock manipulation.

pick resistant security door cylinder

Pick Resistant Lock Set

Using Mul-T-Lock keys, unlocking requires a unique three dimensional profile eliminating the possibility of lock picking or bumping.

hardened steel anchors

Armored Anchors

Hardened steel tubing protect the screws anchoring the door frame to the wall, offering Sawzall sawing protection.

Security door insulated with rock wool

Sound Insulation

All doors are filled with 2 inch thick layers of rock wool to provide sound resistance for additional privacy.

Biometric Fingerpring Scanner on our High Security Door

Automation Upgrades

Our doors offer sophisticated, and high tech feature upgrades including motorized locks, position sensors and bio-metric access.


Value of USA Residential Property Stolen in 2016 According to FBI

Pricing from $7,000 – $30,000

Complete Custom Design

Just like your door should be sophisticated in its security, so should it be in its design.  Unlike most security doors, our doors are completely built to your custom specifications. Any size, design and finish can be fabricated. We employ highly skilled craftsmen and are often selected to recreate historic and protected doors.

Common High Security Door Applications

The entryway is the most vulnerable point of any residence or room and therefore should take serious consideration of forced entry resistance. There are many applications where a high security door is a necessary component. Below are some of the more common locations we have placed one of our security doors.

Front Security Doors

With over 40% of burglaries occurring through a residential door, a steel front door provides the most value for investment in security. Our custom security doors are the only steel entry doors that can include sidelights, transoms and beautiful wood cladding.

bedroom security door

Bedroom Security Door

While it can be easier to calculate the value of lost property, the value of lost life is priceless. For those who may be at threat, our high security doors can provide complete confidence for the protection of ones families life during the most valuable point – nighttime.

Secure Closet & Vault

Our custom security doors work as an excellent vault entrance because they blend in with the rest of the doors in one’s home. By avoiding an obvious vault door, criminals aren’t direct right to your most prized valuables. These doors will often be matched to other closet doors.

High Security Upgrades

UL 3 or 8 Bullet Resistance

Only available on Fortress Series Doors

Our high security doors offer upgrades to various bullet resistance levels. UL 3 equivalent provides protection from handguns up to a 44 magnum; UL 8 equivalent provides protection from automatic weapons including AK-47s. 

Upgrade Starting At $1,800

Biometric Access Control

High end access control to your custom security door can be achieved with our biometric upgrade. The eKey fingerprint scanner is the most secure option available on the market. It allows for multiple prints to be recorded, which is great for family access. Requires motorized lock.

Upgrade Starting At $1,800

biometric high security door
automated high security door locking

Motorized Lock

Our doors can include this high tech upgrade to provide sophisticated automation to your high security door. Integrated with the Fiam X1R, your door will be able to unlock with the touch of a button, and automatically re-lock upon closure. It can additionally be wired in to an alarm system for door position sensing.

Upgrade Starting At $2,400

90 Minute Fire Rating

Only available on Fortress Series Doors

For protection of high value items, our UL Certified 90 minute fire rating may be be the right choice for your high security door. This features requires some limitation on cladding material to ensure a high level of fire protection.

Upgrade Starting At $3,500

Our Team

Our team has been the world leader in custom, discreet security passages for over 14 years. Our global clientele includes celebrities, executives, heads of state and even royalty.  Homeowners, architects, security experts, governments and many others partner with us due to our deep skill in precision engineering and creative design. 

 Our work is frequently featured in prestigious news outlets.

Industries Served

Because of the highly custom nature of our security doors, they can be found in a number of industries – wherever people and organizations highly value security. Our wide range of experience makes us unique capable of offering a custom solution for your particular application.

white residential security door

Residential Applications

Our high security doors can be found in homes around the globe, discretely located at front doors, bedrooms, garage entrances, and vault areas. Our steel doors are designed to appear just like any other luxury residential door providing an excellent fit for security of personal property and life.

commercial high security door

Commercial Applications

The attractive nature of our thick steel doors – and their ability to include reinforced glass – make commercial locations an excellent application. Store front with valuable merchandise achieve security without obstructing viewing. Office locations include executive boardrooms.

government security door

Government & Military

Our high security door durability and sophistication make them a choice for select government and military applications as well. Many of doors can be found as entryways to embassies. Historic banks and other buildings commission us to recreate their historic door in with a high security level.

Pricing from $7,000 – $30,000

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Background On Forced Entry Protection


It is easy for a company to brag about specific features of a security door, but these can be meaningless without overall forced entry protection.

testing forced entry resistant doors

A high security door is only as strong as its weakest link. A thick steel door is meaningless if it can be easily pried by a basic pry bar. A bullet resistant door is pointless if its lock can be easily manipulated.

Our high security doors are sought after because they are one of the few doors receiving the prestigious US Department of State certification for forced entry resistant doors. This means that our doors have succeeded in rigorous forced entry testing as delineated by the US Government.

Most testing is done by NTS in Chesapeake, Maryland under the supervision of US National Institute of Justice and Department of State personnel. The 60,000 foot laboratory offers ballistic experimentation, forced entry simulations, and environmental conditioning, among many other features.

Forced entry resistant doors can be rated under different levels of sophistication under the SD-STD-01.01G standards. Our Embassy Series doors feature a FE5 certification, while our Fortress Series feature FE15 certification.

“FE” refers to forced entry, and the number indicates how long the attacking “team” spends on forcing entry to each part of the door. FE5 test consist of a two man team. They are allotted 5 minutes to break in to each part of the door. This two man team spends five minutes attempting entry through the lock side of the door, five minutes through the hinge sides, and five minutes through the center of the door. In a real world scenario, this is the equivalent to one attacker not being successful in 30 minutes of trying to force entry through your door.

To prove these are truly forced entry resistant doors, the professional attackers are given a whole suite of tools, including small and large pry bars, axes, battering rams, sledge hammers and more.

The FE15 certification is even more rigorous. The team now consists of 6 powerful professionals. All six attack the door simultaneously. The time is also increased. 15 minutes each is spent on the center of the door, lock side of the door and hinges of door. In a real world scenario, this is the equivalent of a individual criminal not being successful in four and a half hours of attacking your door!

For true piece of mind a properly certified forced entry resistant door is the only way to go.