Secret Escape Room Doors Provide A Thrilling Experience


Wow-Factor Door

wooden escape room door

As an escape room owner, you are always looking for a way to “wow” your players. With the sophisticated stunts shown on TV and in movies, players may come in having big expectations. But there are many ways to captivate that emotion and differentiate your escape rooms from competitors.

Providing that wow moment isn’t just about Hollywood-style theatrics. The most memorable situations in an escape room are when the players’ accomplishment has an instant, dramatic and visible result – no movie can compete with that feeling of accomplishment. The wow factor is partly the player “wowing” themselves with their abilities!

Featuring a secret door in your escape room is a phenomenal way to provide this wow factor. Not only can it provide instant feedback to a players’ successes, but it reveals an entirely new room or area to them – now that’s a big accomplishment!

Secret doors themselves provide stunning visuals. They reach deeply in to our childhood memories and conjure up associations with Batman, Clue, The Goonies, The Lord of The Rings and many more famous works.  


Durable & Dependable Escape Room Doors


Secret bookcase escape room door
Our secret bookcase door starts at $2,600

One of the challenges in an escape room is damage that can occur both from normal use and especially from frustrated players. While there are ways to minimize this, it’s hard to eliminate wear-and-tear all together.

It’s therefore important that your escape room door is durable. Often, with DIY projects durability is lacking. This is especially true with a feature as  complexly engineered as a secret door. Specialty hinges are required to effortless move the heavy weight of the door – in fact our hinges are patented just for this type of use.

Our escape room doors are designed to be very long lasting and are carefully lifecycle tested. Multiple uses throughout the day is normal. Our specialty manufacturing methods ensure that the door does not sag or have other issues with time.

Another important aspect in escape room puzzles is reliability. The experience can be derailed when players work hard to solve a puzzle only for the solution to fail. This is even more the case with a big-ticket item such as a hidden door. When you’re working with our team you can have confidence on the reliability of your project; our team is composed of mechanical engineers who exclusively deal with secret doors.


Versatile Escape Room Doors

Secret Mirror Escape Room Door
Our Secret Mirror Doors Start at $1,575

Finally, versatility is important with the main items in your escape room. As you know, keeping your adventures fresh is important for experience differentiation and generating new revenue from past customers.

Our secret escape room doors can fit many themes and experiences – our door systems are easily uninstalled from one door opening and placed in to another door opening!

There are many types of configurations that can be done after a door is purchased. First is the door itself. Our hinged bookcase door can hold various objects that fit different themes, from artifacts to historic books. Our mirror doors provide even more flexibility in that their center mirror can be replaced with artwork. This can allow you to make the door look like anything from the entrance to the Gryffindor dorm in Harry Potter to a gun rack from James Bond.

But the most exciting part is in HOW the door opens. Our doors can be upgraded to include several tech features including magnetic entry systems, wireless buttons, wireless coded keypads and wireless tilt sensors.

The tilt sensor is perhaps the most iconic feature to open your escape room passageway. The device can be added to any item and can be moved at any time to another item, allowing great flexibility. Tilting the device 45+ degrees unlocks the door. The object is fully wireless and can be placed within 40 feet of the door. Most popularly this can be placed in a memorable book, whether it be The Hobbit or The US Constitution. But more innovate ideas work too, including tilting a picture frame, hanging coat, candlestick and more.  

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