High Security Front Door

The front door is your house’s most critical entry point. If properly safeguarding your family and belongings is of critical importance, then a high security front door is likely of critical importance to you, as well.

Install a high security front door for protection

With worldwide experience providing discreet and uncompromising security, we specialize in building unparalleled high security front doors.

While numerous mass produced “security doors” are available locally, they often lack the true features necessary to prevent common methods of forced entry. Mass produced security doors focus on marketable features that may sound good, but are unable to prevent attack.

Below are some common features of importance in selecting a high security front door:

  • Lock Security: How strong is the lock? Can it be picked? Can it be bumped? Can it be drilled through? Can it be damaged?
  • Door Strength: How impervious is your door to blunt force, drilling or specialize tools?
  • Hinge security: Can criminals simply use leverage to pry the entire door frame from your wall?
  • Design: Will your security door be an eye sore or will it complement your home? Will criminals think you have something worth hiding or will your front door security be discreet?

See our mahogany high security front door

Our doors have met rigorous Department of State FE5 and FE15 security standards by our commitment to solving the above concerns and much more.

We only offer the highest security front doors, equipped with have armor plated locks, strong gauge steel door leafs, steel encased hinges, completely customized designs and much more.

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