Hinged bookcase doors are our most popular secret doors!

A long-lasting, secure and secret hinged bookcase involves much more than slapping hinges on a standard bookcase door.

The technology behind our patented hinged bookcase doors has been developed over 14 years of being in business.

Not All Bookcase Doors Are The Same

We consistently get frantic calls from people who either had their contractor build them a door or they purchased a hinged bookcase from a budget secret door manufacturer online. Very often the client is disappointed when they first see that their secret bookcase is not as impressive as they imagined, with the issues only getting worse as they door begins being used.


Their large investment to build their door turns out to have been wasteful. Often, these issues stem from the inadequate hinges often used for secret doors.

Often times a builder or budget manufacturer will use piano hinges or basic 2-point hinges. With such rudimentary hardware, warping and damage are inevitable.

Patented Hinged Bookcase Door

Our team are all mechanical engineers, and our robust, patented hinges have been rigorously designed specifically for hinged bookshelves. These 5-point, steel hinges allow for 3-dimensional, smooth adjustment, to fit the bookcase door in to your particular home. It even adjusts through the decades to the natural settling of your home. This precision is part of why our doors themselves operate so smoothly and are are visually undetectable.

row of hinged bookcase doors
Custom Build – $16,000

Our hinged bookshelves are complete secret door systems that are fully assembled by our expert team. They can be easily installed by your local contractor in to your prepared door opening.

installation dimensions for hinged bookcase

We build the only secure hinged bookcase doors around. Standard and custom options are available.

Hinged Bookcase Door Security Upgrades

 Our bookcase doors have several security upgrades available:

tilt switch for hinged bookcase

Wireless Tilt Sensor 

Just like in the movies – but better. Place this removable sensor in any object of your choosing, such as a book or piece of artwork. 

Tilt 45 degrees for door to open. Can be moved at any time to new object at any time.

Wireless Keypad 

For higher security, place this wireless keypad within 40 feet of door and enter secret code for hinged bookcase to unlock.

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