We’re Looking For High Quality Photos For Our Portfolio

Get cash back by following the guidelines below and emailing us your photos.

complete view of door

  • 3 pictures from the public side: closed, partially open, fully open
  • 3 pictures from the secret side: closed, partially open, fully open.
  • Each group of 3 photos should be taken from same location. A tripod will make this easier.
  • Photo should we wide enough angle to show the door in context.
  • Must be large and high quality. DSLR recommended.
  • Adequate lighting required.
Custom Bookcase Door hiding a secret play room


  • Door must be completely installed and finished.
  • Walls must be finished and painted.
  • The home or office must be furnished.
  • For bookcases – shelves should be filled with books and items.
  • For mirrors – glass should be streak and fingerprint free.
  • No trash, empty boxes, etc. should be visible.


  • Lighting should be adequate and uniform.
  • Flash photography not accepted.
  • Image should be sharp with no blurriness.