Securing Your Emergency / Prepper Food Storage

prepper food storage

Lots of people put complex into assembling and preserving an emergency food supply – but most don’t know how to keep their food storage secure

Don’t end up with your survival food stash in the wrong hands or rotten in case of an emergency. There is a simple way you can protect it!

As many as 50% of our secret passageway clients are those storing emergency supplies, including food. Often times a client will have invested in a large supply of food and proper emergency food storage containers, but will then need to determine where to actually store their containers. 

Don’t Let Neighbors – or Squirrels – Eat your Emergency Food

prepper food storage spoilageWisely, most people know to keep their food stash out of sight. If your neighbors know you have a great supply of food, then you know you’ll be doing a lot of sharing if TEOTWAWKI happens.  But the common method of hiding food supplies often causes major storage problems – especially for long term food storage. Typically, people will consider hiding food somewhere not commonly visited in their house, such as an attic or crawlspace. Unfortunately, these are very poor climates for long term food storage.

Numerous stories abound of either food rotting due to the non-climate controlled environment of an attic or crawl space, or of rodents – such as squirrels or mice – eating through ones food storage container and spoiling what’s inside. This is why you need a secret location that also provides the environment of your climate controlled home

Prepper Food Storage Behind A Secret Door

hidden prepper food storage
Our secret door systems start at $1,500

Secret doors were once only the feature afforded to mansions and castles but due to our investment in the technology and engineering to make them possible, we now have clients all throughout the world using this security method. Secret doors are an excellent security option because they both keep your valuables secure and hidden. Contrast that to your standard large safe, which points people directly to your valuables. 

But secret doors are even more useful when it comes to prepper food storage because it allows you to keep your food storage hidden while still keeping it in the climate controlled shelter of your main home. This avoids issues with emergency food spoilage and pests. A secret door can easily be put in place of a closet door or room door, to transform an entire area in to a hidden space. 

Our hidden doors systems are fully assembled and start at $1,500. Simply look through the rest of our site to learn more!