From Walk-in-Closets to Master Bathrooms to Entire Basements:

Our Clients Have Created Incredible Secret Spaces in Their !

High Quality Craftsmanship

I was looking around for a creative fun touch for my wife’s closet and I came across your hidden doors.  I love it! I like the craftsmanship and find it to be a high quality door. I love the way the opening mechanism works. We put an expanded ornamental frame around it to make it match the closet.

Your salesmen were very helpful and pleasant to deal with. The door came well packed and on time and it was easy to install.

Eric, Wisconsin

Definitely Sending Referrals!

We are so happy with how the secret mirror door looks in our house! We were searching for a solution like this and knew it was right when we saw it. The magnetic entry system is a blast to use.

We will definitely be referring people to you as will Wayne, our handyman, who did the install. He greatly appreciated seeing your showroom and discussing the ins and outs of the install process before tackling it.

We love it!

Mike and Sharon Z., California

Tons of Space for Valuables

I LOVE my hidden closet and door!  I purchased this door for a new home I was building, so I was able to make sure I had the perfect place for it.  It is in a large walk in closet letting me make good use of the mirror and the door. Behind the door I have a small room, only about 36 inches deep and as wide as my closet. This is large enough for a small secretary desk on one side and shelves with a safe under them on the other. The builder even put in a light switch and a power outlet.

Some friends have asked why I need a hidden closet.  Well, I have sensitive documents that I don’t like to leave around. Not something an intruder would necessarily want, but I don’t want my kids to see them or the roaming eyes of my nosey siblings. I like to keep certain things private.

Then there is definitely the security aspect in case of a break in. I am able to recharge my nice camera out of sight and to store it in my closet when not in use. I am able to keep my nice jewelry in this closet in the drawers of the secretary or on top of it in a jewelry box. Some I still have in the safe. But out of the safe makes it more accessible to me while still not accessible to a thief. It is so easy for me to just go into the closet and not have to open the safe. I still do have some documents that I don’t use often, like my passport in the safe and jewelry I don’t use often, but the ability to keep these things somewhere that people do not even know exists gives me piece of mind.

Then there is the fun aspect. It’s fun to have a place in your house no one knows about. You can hide birthday presents or anything else you want to keep to surprise someone with at a later time. I have been truly enjoying my hidden door and am so glad I got it. 

Samantha J, Texas

We love our hidden door!

Excellent product! Wonderful customer service! Love our hidden door! We have the mirror door in our closet…with no one the wiser as to what’s located behind! We highly recommend this great company and their products.

Jen S., North Carolina

Fantastic Door, Direct Guidance from Engineers

These are really great at what they do…make a fantastic looking mirror door for an affordable price.

They offer custom services but we decided to purchase the “pre-fab” mirror door. These guys helped on every step of the process. We hired a local contractor to finish some attic space behind the wall cut open to install the mirror door.

Even when our contractor had a question during our prep stage, a Hidden Door Store engineer spoke with him directly and gave the correct guidance. Door arrived on-time and most importantly looks great!

Jay M., New York

Secret Closet in Master Bathroom

Just completed a major master bathroom renovation and we wanted to incorporate a secret door going into a closet. We contacted Creative Home Engineering [Hidden Door Store’s parent company] and they were very helpful guiding me to one of their stock mirror secret doors. Ordering was very simple and the pre-hung door came very well packaged resulting in no shipping damage. My contractor followed the very well prepared installation directions and I am now enjoying my secret closet door. 

Noelle G., Kentucky