Rotating Bookcase for Your Home

Rotating Bookcase Inspiration 

Rotating Bookcase from Young Frankenstein

We’re right there with you with your enthusiasm – rotating bookshelves are part of the inspiration we started this company in the first place!

Do you have fond memories of the rotating bookcase in Young Frankenstein or the revolving fireplace in Indiana Jones? 

You’ve found the right place! We build and ship to clients around the world secret doors, including rotating bookcases, just like the ones you’ve seen in the movies!

Installing A Rotating Bookcase

rotating bookcase
Custom Rotating Bookcase Project – $22,000

Our team completely builds, assembles and tests each secret door before shipment. All hinges, locks and other features of the door are put together by our team. In that way it is designed for inclusion in homes no matter their geographical location. Our team only is involved in about 5% of installs. This is because our doors are designed in a way that any competent local contractor can handle the job. 

We have two general options. Our custom projects are carefully matched to your preferences, including sizing, design, security level, and more. A custom rotating bookcase starts at the $10,000 price point. We also have several standard-size bookcase doors. These have limited customization’s, but leverage high quality at a much lower price. These secret bookcase doors start at $2,500.

rotating bookshelf
Standard Size Rotating Bookshelf – $2,500

Rotating Bookcase or Hinged Bookcase?

As impressive as a rotating bookshelf is, they actually are not a very popular form of secret door for our clients. Our hinged bookcases are much more popular. Why is this? 

Simply put, a rotating bookcase is an inefficient use of space. Consider what happens when the door is open. The door rotates to divide the open space. This means that whatever clear width you hope to achieve when your rotating bookcase is open needs to be more than doubled to determine your total opening size. That’s a lot of space! 

Because of this, the vast majority of our clients choose to go with a swinging, hinged bookcase. You still get the secret door experience while better utilizing your home space. And yes, you can still upgrade to a tilting candle trigger to open your door!

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