Our commitment to quality concealment – guaranteed.

We’re so confident in the quality of our secret doors, and their ability to remain hidden, that we fully guarantee our secret doors to be undetectable by a burglar. 

If a burglar finds your secret door, Hidden Door Store will cover the cost of anything stolen from your secret room up to twice the cost of the door itself*. 

We exist to provide peace of mind and security, and we’re proud that our clients trust us to guard and conceal their property.

Terms and Conditions of the Guarantee:

  • Claim of burglary must be made to Hidden Door Store within 30 days of the burglary.
  • Client must provide copy of police report indicating forced entry to the building or residence.
  • Client must provide receipts showing proof of ownership and value of stolen property.
  • Please allow 90 days for payment of claim. If stolen property is recovered within 90 days, the claim on the guarantee is void. 
  • Maximum value to be reimbursed is equal to double the original purchase price of the door, less tax, shipping and/or installation. 

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