Boost Visibility And Security With Hidden Doors

Boost Visibility And Security With Hidden Doors

The home security market is growing and will continue to in the coming years as new technologies make for easier installation and seamless monitoring for homeowners. When it comes to considerations about home security, individuals have reason to be concerned. 

Statistics tell the story of home security, and that story begins with theft accounting for the number-one property crime. Additional home security insights of note include: 

  • There are more than 3,370 burglaries in the U.S. every day.
  • More than one-quarter of residents home at the time of the burglary are physically harmed.
  • Just 13% of burglaries are ever solved.
  • The average response time from law enforcement to a burglary is 11 minutes.
  • Nearly a third of home burglaries involve a weapon.

And, since forecasts suggest that 75% of homes in the U.S. will experience a break-in by 2039, it stands to reason that homeowners would be interested in bolstering their home security. A hidden door, like those offered at the Hidden Door Store, may be one option. 

When integrated with a Ring alarm system, or a comparable, smart security device, homeowners are able to layer their level of protection while improving visibility. As experts in the hidden door space, we would know.

We build and ship an average of 30 secret doors to clients all over the world every month. And the same team that designs and installs bullet-proof doors with ballistic standards that are able to withstand shots from a .50-caliber rifle manufactures the doors available at Hidden Door Store. 

All that is to say, we’re not just about vanity and look. We understand the importance of security and we build doors that serve that need, both functionally and from a standpoint of lasting quality. In fact, our confidential client list includes royalty, heads of state, tech giants, government embassies, pro athletes, Hollywood actors and directors, some of the country’s richest and countless ordinary homeowners.

In addition to the locking capabilities on our secret doors, be it a bookcase or a wine rack, the secret doors available at the Hidden Door Store offer homeowners a variety of custom switch options — adding another layer of invisible security to whatever is being kept behind the door. Our switches, which range from a magnet to wireless triggers to a keyfob or keypad, give homeowners a variety of options for concealed entry.

From weapons to valuables to a premium mancave with high-end technology, homeowners install secret doors for a reason — to conceal a space that is only available to those given access. When it comes to home security, it’s comforting to know that certain items, be they collectibles or a safe, are tucked out of sight in a way that can’t be found. 

And, if someone who shouldn’t be able to access the secret door does — such as an intruder — our guarantee ensures that we will actually cover the cost of the door. That’s how confident we are in the security our doors offer. 

Learn more about our secret doors and the guarantees that come with them by connecting with our team!

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Hidden Door Store, a Gilbert, Arizona-based company, designs and manufactures a variety of premium secret doors disguised as bookcases, wine racks and hutches, among other options. An offshoot of Creative Home Engineering, which has been an innovative leader in the field of hidden passageway design for more than 20 years, Hidden Door Store allows homeowners to install a “hidden gem” inside their home. Learn more at