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4 Factors To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Secret Door

4 Factors To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Secret Door

Secret doors come in all shapes and sizes. Some look like mirrors while others are disguised as functional fireplaces, everyday appliances or even vintage phone booths. The options are nearly limitless when it comes to designing and building a custom secret door or hidden passageway, particularly given our expertise in the field. Even if you’re […]

Blend in or Stand Out: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Camouflage for Your Space

The first step in the process of getting the perfect secret door is to decide where in your building the secret door should go. Once you’ve done that you’re ready to choose your ideal camouflage. There are a lot of options and we know that all those choices can be intimidating. That’s why we’re here […]

Secret Door Installation: Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Location

So you already own a home and now you’d like to have a secret door, but you’re not sure exactly where to put it inside your house. Maybe you’re not even sure if your house is a good candidate to have a secret door in the first place. Or perhaps you’re considering between several spots […]