Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a door from the Hidden Door Store such a good purchase?

We’re glad you asked! Click here to see what makes our doors so special.

Can you install the secret door for me?

All of our doors are designed for ease of installation. Your secret door will arrive pre-hung and tested so installation is as simple as leveling the door and securing it to your wall. If you need assistance we recommend finding a local contractor or door installer to help.

What if I need customization or sizing not offered in your products?

For over 12 years, our parent company, Creative Home Engineering, has been creating fully custom secret passageways of all types for clients throughout the globe. Simply head over to so we can learn about your requirements.

Can you stain or paint the door for us?

Yes, 4 finish options are available – paint grade, light, medium, and dark.

One of the ways we keep quality high and cost low is by producing doors in a limited number of finish options. The time necessary to individually finish each door with a custom color would greatly increase the cost. If you need a custom color the Alder wood used in all our doors accepts stains and paints extremely well and good results can be had just by following the directions on the finish of your choice.

How long does it take you to build and test my door before it ships?

You can find the most up-to-date ship date estimates on each product page.

How is a secret door better than a safe?

Safes attract attention. One of the most effective ways to protect valuables is to keep them out of sight. A safe is still a good method of keeping dangerous or valuable items out of the wrong hands but a secret door before the safe will add an important layer of protection.

Can I install a secret door in an existing home?

Absolutely. Just find a closet, bedroom, or storage area you would like to convert to a secret room.

Is there any electricity or wiring required?

Wall power is not required in most cases. By default, all of our systems use an electric strike powered by 8 AA batteries. Under normal circumstances this will last for a minimum of 2 years and the batteries can be easily replaced. However, our more advanced secret switches such a wireless key fobs, book switches, and keypads require that the door be plugged into a standard wall outlet.

What warranty comes with the door?

Our doors carry a standard warranty of 1 year on parts and materials.