Clients ask to feature hidden doors in their walls primarily for aesthetic beauty and careful secrecy. 


hidden doors in walls
White House door: aesthetic, but not secret

There are really two strategies for this: to hide a door in your wall or on your wall.


Option 1: Hidden Doors In Walls


Starting price: $10,000

On our custom side, we can build seamless hidden doors in walls. These can be designed to match all sorts of wall designs, whether its hidden into a stone wall, paneled wall, or painted wall. One popular type is a hidden wainscot door. 

Some clients may have their contractor build an aesthetic door in their wall. For example you’ll notice in many White House photos that there are many instances of hidden doors in the walls. These are for architecturally aesthetic reasons, for example to keep symmetry or to preserve a continuous design. 

stone hidden doors in walls
Our Doors: aesthetic and secret. Custom Project pictured.

The lines around these doors are clearly visible. However, our team can carefully engineer actual hidden doors in walls – where the door outline and hinges are fully concealed. 

The higher cost is a function of the unique nature of each project, and the skill required to match the homes existing architectural features. However, for those who require both secrecy and beauty, this may be the best option. Simply contact our team for custom information.

Option 2: Hidden Doors On Walls


Starting price: $1,600

hidden doors on walls
Our bookcase system starts at $2,500

Rather than building a door inside of your wall, an opening in your wall can instead be concealed by an external piece of furniture which acts as a wall. Installing this hidden door on your wall can provide you with more flexibility and allow for significantly reduced investment required.

Rather than requiring significant design time to custom match a door to your wall, you can make use of an existing, and more widely produced secret door. 

We carry a wide variety of ready-to-ship secret doors for walls, including hidden bookcase doors, secret mirror doors, and secret armoires. These offer a variety of customizations and upgrades. We can also build a complete custom solution. 


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