High Security Doors

In addition to our amazing secret doors, Hidden Door Store also provides disguised high security doors and panic room doors for any environment. We offer interior and exterior doors designed to offer extreme protection while looking beautiful. Every door can be matched to your existing doors or skinned by your millworker on site. Our doors can be fully customized to your required size, style, and finish preferences. Learn more about our high security doors below or contact us for more information.


  • Starting at $7,000
  • High forced entry protection
  • Tested at iFT Rosenheim Laboratory
  • Tested at NTS Chesapeake
  • Department of State FE5 rating

build your embassy series door


  • Starting at $12,000
  • Extreme forced entry protection
  • Bulletproof options available
  • Fire rating available
  • Tested at iFT Rosenheim Laboratory
  • Tested at NTS Chesapeake
  • Department of State FE15 rating

build your fortress series door

Key Security Features

Vault door pins on a high security door


16 Locking Bolts

Steel locking bolts protrude from multiple locations to ensure an impenetrable seal on the sides, top, and bottom of the door.


Steel Frame

When engaged, the locking bolts are secured in place by a robust steel tube frame.


Armored Anchors

Hardened steel tubing protects the anchors used to hold the door frame to the wall, protecting them from saws.


Hinge Side Studs

Eight specially designed fixed locking studs connect the door to the hinged side of the frame at all times.


Manganese Steel Plates

Special steel plates surround the locking mechanism to protect it from drilling or other manipulation.

High security door sound insulation


Sound Insulation

All our doors are filled with a 2″ thick layer of rock wool to provide excellent sound dampening and privacy.

Steel construction of a high security door


Multi-layer Steel Construction

Steel panels are used on both sides to the door and offer multiple layers of protection from an attack.


Pick Resistant Lockset

Mul-T-Lock cylinders are used on all our doors. They offer a unique 3D key profile resistant to picking.

Biometric fingerprint reader for secret door access control


Automation Upgrades

Our doors offer sophisticated upgrades including motorized locks, position sensors and biometric access control.

Official Certifications

US Department of State Diplomatic Security Seal

High Security Upgrades

Shooting a bullet proof door

UL Level 3 or 8 Bullet Resistance

Available on Fortress Series doors only

Our Fortress Series doors offer upgrades to various bullet resistance levels. UL Level 3 equivalent provides protection from handguns up to a .44 Magnum. UL Level 8 equivalent offers protection from larger caliber rifle cartridges such as 7.62×39.  Upgrade starting at $1,800. Learn more about UL ballistic ratings here.

Biometric Access Control

High end access control to your security door can be achieved with our biometric scanners. The eKey fingerprint scanner is the most secure scanner available on the market. It allows for multiple prints and users to be recorded. Requires the motorized locking option.  Upgrade starting at $1,800.

Biometric fingerprint reader for secret door access control

Motorized Lock

Our doors can be equipped with a motorized locking mechanism to provide sophisticated control options. The Fiam X1R locking system allows the door to unlock with the touch of a button and automatically re-lock when closed. Included position sensors allow for seamless integration with home security systems.  Upgrade starting at $2,400.

90 Minute Fire Rating

Available on Fortress Series doors only

For protection of high value items, our UL certified 90 minute fire rating may be the right choice for your door. This feature may limit your cladding material options to ensure the highest fire rating.  Upgrade starting at $3,500.

Fire rated security door
Customized high security doors in a variety of styles