Home Gold Storage – Keep Your Gold Secure at Home

How do you safely store gold at home? From having worked with clients throughout the world, we can provide insight and products that will give you complete peace of mind and security for your precious metals at home.

If you’ve worked hard to build up your investment of precious metals, there’s several questions you may be asking yourself:

  • What is the safest home gold storage method?

  • Can my gold at home be insured?gold home vault

  • How can I keep people from knowing about my gold collection?

  • What is the best type or model of gold safe?

  • How can I keep my gold safe in a worst-case scenario government collapse?

  • How can I have the security of a safety deposit box while still enjoying my gold collection at home?

Our work with collectors and investors who keep gold at home from around the world – from India to America – is in guiding them to a gold and silver storage solution that is secure, secret and spacious.

#1 – A Secure Home Vault

Home vault door
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As you might expect, you need a location that can’t be easily opened.

A space easily accessed will negate the whole point of investment hedging with silver or gold. Poor security will also make it challenging or impossible to receive insurance for your gold or silver. We believe you should have peace-of-mind while traveling, knowing that your investment back home is well protected.

The problem with standard, overt gold safes for precious metal storage is that when a burglar finds your gold safe while you are traveling, with enough time and the right tools, it can be almost always broken in to. This is why security is only part of the puzzle.

#2 – A Secret Home Vault

secret home vaultOne of the most important things to know when safely storing silver or gold at
home is:

Safes attract criminals

Do you ever have a cleaning lady or maintenance worker in your home? The larger the safe, the larger peoples’ imaginations run when seeing it. Most people have good intentions, but you don’t want the wrong person knowing that you have something valuable to hide.

Or it might be the government you want to hedge against. Most collectors know about Franklin Roosevelt’s executive order 6102, decreed in 1933, to criminalize the “hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion…within the United States.” For many of us, our investment in precious metals is partially as a hedge against unstable, fiat currency.

But a criminal can’t steal what they can’t find.

Whether your bullion or coins are hidden in an secured, hollowed out book or behind one of our hidden door systems, instead of testing a criminal’s or the governments’ lock breaking skills, you’ll want your valuables where they can’t be found in the first place – even expert home inspectors commonly miss our hidden doors. 

#3 – Spacious: Enjoying Your Collectiongold-coins

You’ve worked hard to build your collection of gold and silver bullion, coins and more. Why wouldn’t you want to enjoy it?

This is another big reason our clients love having a secret door. Instead of cramming their precious metals into a small, hard to access safe, they place a secret door that leads to an existing closet or room – this way YOU can enjoy your beautiful investment in the way that it is meant to be displayed – without the wrong people being any the wiser. Whether looking for gold coin storage or safety for a stockpile of bullion, with a secret door your vault space is unlimited.

Using a secure and secret home vault is the top recommendation for home gold storage, and we provide the doors to create this for our clients.

Protect your investment.

Our secret doors start at $1,500 and fit in place of standard door openings.