Secret Bookcases

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High Security Doors

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Mirror Doors

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Sophisticated Secret Door Features:

Secret mirror unlocking

Protection Of Valuables

The only company in the world that builds secret doors with a security focus, every door comes standard with a heavy-duty locking system. Precise engineers make the door invisible to anyone – from burglars to professionals.

High Tech Entry

All doors come standard with a pre-installed a magnetic sensing entry system. Upgrades include wireless button, innovative tilt sensor, or wireless keypad. Choose an option to replicate your favorite movie or achieve high security.

Patented Secret Door Hinges

Lifetime of use is possible with our purpose made, patented and proprietary hidden door hinges. Inadequate hinges on amateur hidden doors have long term issues with sagging, warping, large gaps and wear & tear. 

The Same Team Behind Our World-Famous Custom Projects

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Custom Projects

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Pre-Built Secret Door

14 Years As Secret Door World Leader Results In:

Expert Assembly Before Delivery

When you purchase from the Hidden Door Store,  you can have confidence that every aspect of your passageway has been carefully calibrated by a member of our expert team. Installation by your local contractors requires little more than sliding of the pre-hung door in to place.

14 Years As Secret Door World Leader Results In:

Hand Crafted & Precise Engineering

Every secret bookcase and hidden mirror is a labor of love, and is carefully assembled by hand or cut with precise machinery. Our team specializes completely in secret doors. Our excellence in our products is due to the rare combination of engineering and woodworking background.

What Drives Secret Door Popularity?

Breaking In to A Gun Safe Is Too Easy - You Need to Hide it

Safes Are Vulnerable

A large, obvious safe in your house attracts criminals, points burglars right to your prized possessions and are surprisingly easy to break in to. Add a secret door for true peace of mind.

How Safes Fail

Bringing Movies to Life

From Indiana Jones to The Goonies: stories inspire all of us to reach for something greater. Install such an imaginative feature and your children and their friend won’t be able to thank you enough!

Famous Secret Doors
Rotating Bookcase from Young Frankenstein
secret doors to protect jewelry

Unlimited Space for Valuables

A secret door provides a huge amount of space for valuables compared to conventional security methods. As opposed to a safe, a secret mirror can replace a closet door, creating a discreetly secure master closet.

Keep Jewelry Safe

Adding Home Value

Real estate continues the trend toward breathtaking home features and high security considerations.
A secret door blurs the line between hand crafted beauty and precision functionality.

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Secret Door Pricing from $2,000

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