Make your dream room a “hidden gem” with a secret door.

Set your home apart with a Secret Bookcase, Hidden Mirror, or other creative door. Perfect for security or fun. Come learn why a door from the Hidden Door Store is the ultimate addition to your home.


Bookcase Secret Door

From $2,999

From: $2,999.00

Panel Secret Door

From $2,750

From: $2,750.00

Hutch Secret Door

From $3,529

From: $3,549.00

Shoe Rack Secret Door

From $3,329

From: $3,329.00

Vault Mirror Door

From $5,985

Bookcase Kit

From $979

Mirror Doors

From $1,999

From: $1,999.00

High Security Doors

From $7,000

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Setting homes apart, since 2003.

Anyone can say they’re secret door experts. For us, the proof is in the quality of the doors we build
for celebrities, CEOs, and you.

Discover the exclusive features and premium quality that will set your project apart.

    We are with you every step of the way – even after delivery.
    Patented hinges eliminate issues common among secret doors.
    “Wow factor” and security when you use your door.
    Security as a priority – not an afterthought.
    Solid construction that doesn’t rely on crutches
    like ramps, wheels, or feet you’ll fight against.
    Hassle-free two year warranty. We stand behind our work.
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The Same Team Behind Our World-Famous Custom Secret Doors

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Looking for a more customized secret door experience?

Visit Creative Home Engineering, the parent company of the Hidden Door Store and the originator of the secret doors we offer. At Creative Home Engineering, discover additional features, custom designs, and premium secret door upgrades.

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What makes our secret doors the best in the business:

Opening a secret door with a hidden key

Built with secrecy in mind.

As the only company in the world that builds hidden doors with a security focus, every secret door comes standard with a robust locking system. Precise engineering means our doors don’t have tell-tale gaps that make most doors easy to spot.

Wireless keypad for opening a hidden door

High tech access options.

Nobody offers as many innovative and creative access methods as the Hidden Door Store. We offer a variety of fun and functional secret activation methods such as voice control, magnetic keys, tilting books, and wireless keypad access. 

Secret Door Hinge

Patented door hardware.

It is extremely common for our competitors to use standard hinges that lead to major gaps, sagging, warping, and rubbing. We designed and patented specialty hidden door hinges and hardware to eliminate these common problems.                   

Customer Stories

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My office has an awkward little alcove in it that makes my the entire office look…

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I’ve always loved the idea of secret passageways, and now that I’m building a new home…

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