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(Compare to our custom secret door projects starting at $8,500.)

Assembled secret bookcase doors & hidden mirrors shipped from $2,500


Are YOU someone who only works with the BEST in home design & home security?

 You've found the right team.

Secret doors are our passion; we are uncompromising for beauty & precision.

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Safes Alone Aren't Safe.

Secret doors from the Hidden Door Store are used in homes all over the world for a variety of purposes. Find out why a secret door might be a great addition to your home - whether for security or fun.

One-on-One Service.

We know how frustrating buying from some companies can be. That's why every customer receives one-on-one support with a dedicated product specialist from the beginning. 

Craftsmanship sets us apart.

Whether a secret bookcase door or a hidden mirror - not all are created equal, and a poorly built door can be worse than no door at all. See why a secret door from the Hidden Door Store is the gold standard.

Need a custom size or finish?

Our sister company, Creative Home Engineering, is the world's finest builder of ultra high-end, customized secret doors. Custom door projects start at $7,500. Click below to explore their website.


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All of our products are made entirely in the USA. We source our lumber, hardware, and finishing materials from local vendors to ensure the quality of every part we use.

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