Create a luxury ensuite bathroom with a hidden door

1. Modernize Your Bathroom

Luxury bathrooms bring grandeur to your house while also being significantly beneficial to your home’s overall value. Remodeled bathrooms have one of the highest return on investment (ROI) rates of any home improvement project, to the point that homeowners can expect to get back the majority of their remodel expenses when selling their home.

If you love the cutting-edge elegance of modern households, your secret door could feature ornate, high-quality maple or alder wood. Matching the door to your surrounding wood paneling allows your fashionable bathroom to remain out of sight, adding to the room’s value and spectacle.

You’ll enjoy the high ROI when it’s time to move and you’ll also enjoy your door’s clever design during your daily routine. Your door will also provide more peace of mind by creating an extra secure place for your loved ones in an emergency.

2. Go Minimalist With Your Interior Design

Anyone hoping to merge functionality and calming colors could consider a minimalist doorway for their bathroom upgrade. A mirror secret door utilizes a light frame for the entrance, making it easy to swing your secret door open and match the sleek lines in most minimalist homes. Mirrors can look entirely inconspicuous, offering superior concealment and numerous finish options.

Don’t overlook your lighting options either. The right minimalist light fixture will layer your bathroom with a visually pleasing ambiance. Elegant sconces or a wrought-iron chandelier just behind your hidden door could use LED bulbs to create light using less electricity as well, reducing your power bill while maintaining the luxury feel of your bathroom.

3. Transform Your Bathroom Into an Oasis

People want to feel like they’ve entered an exclusive oasis when they step into a luxury ensuite bathroom. If you have the same desire for your home upgrades, consider a secret door constructed from a professionally created DIY bookshelf kit.

You could use high-end bamboo wood or natural stone from the tropics to upgrade the wall of your bathroom. The natural materials will match the maple veneer’s wood tone, carrying your design style through to your bathroom. The door could open to more oasis-inspired design elements in your bathroom, matching the neutral shades drawn from rustling palm trees and soft sandy beaches.

You might worry about the extra moisture in your bathroom working against the tight seal on your wooden secret door. It’s important to note that doors in bare wood condition, like our DIY bookcase door, will need a robust finish to prevent the wood from welling. However, The Hidden Door Store anticipates the change in humidity and ensures that all metal hardware in your door will arrive galvanized or powder-coated. Unlike many secret doors, ours also use almost no glue, no joints are significantly less likely to crack or warp.

4. Create a Personal Spa

Spas have a visual aesthetic that calms the mind before your selected massages or treatments begin. Recreate the same interior design in your house by starting a bathroom renovation with a secret panel doorway. It won’t have an exterior handle or complicated hinges, making the thresholdless entrance a luxury doorway into your bathroom.

This hidden door design option is perfect for bathroom entrances on paneled walls. You’ll maintain your household’s sleek architecture, keep the functionality of your doorway and upgrade the entrance to your spa-inspired bathroom. While you relax in a clawfoot tub next to an aromatherapy diffuser to reduce your anxiety, you’ll feel transported to a professional spa whenever you admire your new door.

Worried about not having a traditional lock for your ensuite bathroom due to its lack of a door handle? Hidden Door Store’s doors come with electric strikes that remain secure without the need for constant power, providing enhanced security. As an additional measure, you can also install a manual lock on the inside of your bathroom door to control access effectively and prevent any unwanted intrusions. 

5. Make a Marble Art Deco Getaway

Marble is a beloved bathroom material among luxury designers. It adds a polished, natural aesthetic and tactile depth. Merge the elegance of marble floors, walls or countertops with an art deco-style bathroom. You’ll have a boutique, vintage vibe hidden behind a camouflage doorway like a linen closet or vault mirror door. Hidden bathroom door designs like linen closets arrive pre-hung and tested for flawless use. 

After quickly attaching your door, enjoy using it in secrecy. If and when it comes time to move, your secret door will make your property stand out and likely sell faster and for more than other houses in your area. The uniqueness of a hidden room often stands out as the most exciting aspect of the house for potential buyers, making your luxury bathroom that much more luxurious.

Create a Secret Door to Your Luxury Bathroom With Hidden Door Store Expertise

Installing a hidden door in your house shouldn’t feel like an unreachable dream. Contact the Hidden Door Store team to discuss where you’d like your door and what bathroom renovation goals you have in mind. They’ll match your requests to door options that fit your renovation dreams and your home’s architecture.

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