Host An Unforgettable Party With a Secret Door Reveal

Host An Unforgettable Party With a Secret Door Reveal

The silver screen has shown us how intriguing a hidden room or a secret door can be. And if our childhoods are any indicators for what we believe is exciting, then it should come as no surprise — after building forts, playing in tree houses and creating hideouts in crawl spaces — that as adults we’d be captivated by the prospect of a secret room. 

When it comes to entertaining, secret doors and hidden rooms really capture the imagination, and likely the envy, of guests. A secret door alone, even if it leads to a ho-hum space, is a novel feature that most people don’t see every day. 

But when that door leads to a tucked-away wine room or a hidden, fully-stocked bar or a meticulously-finished lounge, it really ups the ante. There are so many possibilities. Here are some things to remember when integrating a secret door or hidden room into your entertaining agenda. 

Revealing your secret. At Creative Home Engineering, we’ve designed and built some of the most incredible doors for spaces around the world, which means we’ve seen a variety of applications for those doors in the homes and businesses where they’ve been installed. We don’t want to give away too much, but when it comes to building a custom door, the sky is basically the limit on creativity. Consider the possibility of building and installing a secret door that acts as the entryway to a swanky poker room, a vintage-inspired speakeasy or a burly man-cave. We’ve also seen doors act as gateways to swimming pools, slides or museum-quality collections of memorabilia. The opportunities are limitless, and once you reveal your secret door to your guests, you won’t have to wait long for a reaction. 

Expect questions. Secret doors and hidden rooms might always be a novel feature. Which is to say, the wonder they inspire will likely never go out of style. So, expect your guests to ask questions. How does it work? How did you even get it? How much did it cost? The door and the room behind it will absolutely be a hot topic of conversation at whatever event or gathering you’re hosting. Bet on it. So be prepared with answers. 

Understand your boundaries. Not all secret doors or the contents behind them are for sharing. Many are designed with security and protection in mind. If that’s the case, even the “cool factor” of having a door is best kept secret to avoid compromising security. Guests who see or use a secret door or hidden room may want to take photos or video of the space and the door in action, so just make sure you’re comfortable with that, knowing those photos and videos may be shared. 

Overall, when entertaining it’s always fun to have a “wow” moment that leaves guests with an unforgettable memory. Revealing a secret door or a hidden room is an excellent way to do that, while also elevating the entire experience. 

If you’d like to discuss your vision for a secret door or hidden room, reach out. Our team works with clients to bring those visions to life. 

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