Increase A Home’s Value By Adding A Hidden Door

Selling a home is always a competitive endeavor, even in a seller’s market. Homeowners need to do everything they can to make their home stand out from the others on the market by offering an impeccable environment, making sure their curb appeal is in tip-top shape, and highlighting the home’s differentiating features — such as water features, security, and smart systems, or something especially novel, like a secret door.

Beyond standing out, certain elements and amenities increase a home’s value. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, when remote or hybrid work became more common, home offices and outdoor spaces became more coveted among buyers. And remodeled kitchens seem to consistently offer an increased ROI, as it has long ranked as one of the upgrades that gets noticed most.

Hidden doors add appeal in a variety of ways, from enhancing a home’s aesthetic style to injecting a creative and functional architectural element. In addition, secret doors add an element of safety and have the ability to help new owners maximize storage space. 

Adding Safety To A Home

The secrecy of hidden doors, whether the doors are bookshelves or wine racks, offer an added layer of protection for homeowners who want to secure items behind it. Some homeowners may choose to use that secret passageway as a quasi panic room or safe space while others may want to safely store firearms or other valuables. While the doors come with locking mechanisms that can only be accessed with a variety of secret switches — from keypads to fobs to wireless access control — they don’t protect against forced entry. 

The novelty of hidden doors disguised as a mirror or a shoe rack or a hutch, is its ability to seamlessly blend in with its surroundings, so no one would suspect it ever existed in the first place. By adding a unique type of safety to a home, one that is virtually undetectable by anyone other than the homeowner, sellers have an advantage over competitors on the market and have the opportunity to increase their home’s value.

Maximizing Storage Space

Storage space is a non-negotiable feature that homebuyers won’t overlook. In fact, homes with limited or minimal storage space actually have a lower market value than homes with ample storage space, according to industry reports. 

Hidden doors actually give homeowners the opportunity to maximize their storage space, especially in non-traditional areas of the home, such as under a flight of stairs or leading to a dainty attic space. 

Areas in a home that are too small to be used as bedrooms or common areas could easily be transformed into tidy storage rooms concealed by a stylish, incognito hidden door. It is those exact types of spaces that are seen as added value for homebuyers looking to maximize storage in a creative and functional way.

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