Transforming Extra Rooms Into Usable Secret Spaces

Empty nesters have a unique opportunity once all of the kids grow up, move out and find places of their own. They suddenly have space that is readily available for reimagination. 

Movies tend to depict the age-old cliche of empty nesters turning what once was a child’s room into a home gym, but in reality there are endless options when it comes to room transformation. Spaces that no longer need to be used as bedrooms offer homeowners an opportunity to invest in their own personal style, from the way the space is used to the way it is designed to the way it is finished.

One way to introduce a little novelty into the mix is by incorporating a hidden door that leads to a secret space. 

A Worthy Home Investment

When empty nesters try to bring new purpose to an empty room, they immediately add value to their home and their own personal experience living in it. By transforming a bedroom into a home office for example, finished with furnishings and decor that reflects a homeowner’s personal style, the space becomes a valuable and functional retreat.

And when it is concealed by a secret door, be it a mirror door or a bookshelf door, it is that much easier to focus while working in the office because the secrecy of the door maintains a coveted “do not disturb” mode. 

Of course, there are more ways than one to invest in a room redesign, especially when a secret door is involved. What was once a teenager’s room, with the right vision, can be transformed into a tucked-away game room, an acoustically-impressive theater room, a loungey man-cave or a pristine craft room.

Creating Spaces With Multiple Purposes

Room redesigns don’t always have to have one sole purpose, even if a secret door is involved. Spaces that are designed to have multiple uses create even more value, particularly for the adults kids who come back to visit for varied lengths of time.

Secret spaces, concealed by hidden doors, can act as a gateway to a multi-purpose room that might include an office with a pull-out couch. Or, the space could be designed as a sanctuary for relaxation — an at-home library or zen-like retreat — that is still able to convert to a spare bedroom when guests or grown children visit. The same can be said for theater rooms or game rooms, where convertible furniture can easily transform to accommodate sleeping arrangements.

It’s just nice to have spaces that provide options, even as empty-nesters. And when those spaces are accessed by a secret door, it adds a level of intriguing novelty to the whole experience. 

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