The Magic of Secret Door Switches

Hidden doors are cool all on their own. The fact that they’re hidden, essentially in plain sight, is one of the most intriguing characteristics about secret doors. The only thing more fascinating than the design and style of the secret door is how the door is opened. 

Secret door switches offer hidden doors an undetectable entrance, complementing their undetectable existence. And they do it in a variety of ways. 

At the Hidden Door Store, our doors come with a standard magnet key. So whether homeowners choose a wine rack secret door, a bookcase secret door or a mirror secret door, that magnet — which is about the size of popsockets that attach to phones — triggers a sensor when waved in front of it and unlocks the door. 

A real life fairy tail

For an additional fee, our team at the Hidden Door Store can prepare a real-looking, faux book that can sit on or near a hidden door and hide the magnet key inside. These two options, though, are just the beginning. 

As a division of Creative Home Engineering, which designs custom secret doors in the same space as the Hidden Door Store, we have seen just about anything imaginable come to life in the realm of secret door switches. We once designed a secret door that actually looked like a pool cue rack. The door could only be opened if a certain pool cue was twisted in a specific direction. 

At the Hidden Door Store, we understand that switches are a vital component of a secret door, which is why we offer a series of upgrades and options for secret switches to ensure that entrance to every secret room is exactly how a homeowner wants it.

Wireless access control. This single element allows for quite a bit of creativity when it comes to imagining and creating secret switches. Our team tests and pre-installs these control panels before the door ships, but homeowners should know that a wireless access control mechanism requires an outlet for power. They don’t use batteries. And, any of the other standard switch upgrades offered at the Hidden Door Store require the use of a wireless access control panel.

Key fob. The use of a handheld device that opens the door at the push of a button? That sounds about right. Our key fobs, which act like a remote control and have a range of about 60 feet, can do just that when the hidden doors are equipped with the wireless access control panel. 

Wireless keypad. If a homeowner would rather utilize a secret code to enter his or her hidden door, that is possible, too! By implementing a wireless keypad, and positioning the pad wherever is most convenient, homeowners can simply input their code and gain access to their secret space. 

Wireless tilting book. A classic secret switch, used time and again in action movies, the wireless tilting book is by far our most popular option. Homeowners can choose books from a series of classic titles and looks, place the book wherever they’d like, tilt the spine of the book towards them, and watch as their secret door opens — just for them.

In the market for a hidden door? Browse our showroom and discover the possibilities. 

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