Create An Enchanting Play Room With A Hidden Door

Kids love to hide. They’ll play endless hours of hide-and-seek, find the perfect spot to sneak up on someone and surprise them, and build meticulous forts that are available to “members only.” 

It only makes sense that they’d love a secret way to enter their playroom. 

Opening up modern play spaces

Gone are the days where playrooms were simply the unused space in the house — be it a dainty extra bedroom, an unfinished basement or a dusty attic space — that wasn’t otherwise being used. Playrooms have become more thoughtful, more playful and, in some cases, more extravagant.

What used to be a corral for games and toys, decorated with furniture that could be pounced on and torn apart for fort building, has evolved to incorporate thoughtful spaces, a cohesive aesthetic touch and whimsical features — from climbing structures to lofts, slides, foam pits, ceiling-mounted swings and beyond.

Of course, modern playroom design ideas still incorporate classic features, like spaces to create and display artwork — on chalkboard or clothing lines — reading nooks, carpeted areas for floor games, dollhouses and pint-sized appliances for real-life pretend. But now, those spaces are being given more thought and intentional design, weaving in purposeful color schemes and establishing a kid-friendly backdrop with playful wallpapers and art.

A hidden door, disguised as a bookcase, acts as a fantastical cherry on top for kids who never put their imaginations to rest and adults who want to tie a bow on a well-designed space. And, when the playroom isn’t as tidy as the storage bins had promised it would be, homeowners appreciate the option of closing off that space in a way that still provides a stylish facade. 

As an added benefit, concealing a hidden playroom with a secret door allows parents to have a little more control over when the playroom is accessed. While entry can be easy, opened with the wave of a magnetic key that triggers a sensor on the door, it still has the ability to be unavailable to kids who need to focus their attention elsewhere — like when they need to get ready to leave or if they need to work on homework. 

Playing, especially in an imaginative hidden playroom designed just for them, will always seem like the first priority for kids. 

And, when it comes to durability, the bookcase secret door designed and manufactured by the Hidden Door Store is at the top of its class. Incorporating patented hinges designed specifically to handle the weight and function of a swinging hidden door, the bookcase door will stand up to the demands it encounters over time — without buckling. 

No other secret door on the market can say that. 

From durability to design to the pure joy of adding a creative feature to a home, there is nothing more enchanting than finishing a hidden playroom with a secret door. 

In the market for a hidden door? Browse our showroom and discover the possibilities. 

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