Why Are Magnetic Door Locks Popular

Electric Maglock used for secret doors

Unbeatable Security with the Use of Magnetic Door Locks

Most of us wished there would be a secret passageway that we would one day discover in our childhood homes. Although that may not have come true when we were younger, it is possible now that we are older. Hidden Door Store is the company to turn to if you are looking to make that dream come true. The thought of discovering a secret room that no one else knows about can come to life with our sophisticated engineering and the right materials.

The Idea Behind A Hidden Door

Custom hidden passageways as well as secret storage in homes may seem a little bit far-fetched. After all, they are typically just seen in horror and mystery movies. For some people, having a secret passageway in their house can only remain a dream. However, the Hidden Door Store can turn that dream into reality. Hidden compartments and spaces have always had an appeal for the young and old. Designs involve doorways that are built into all sorts of locations – from paneled walls to bookcases. Aside from these hidden structures, we also have safes and doors that are accessible through mirrors, artwork, furniture, and fireplaces. Though many people may not have the need or budget for armored doors, biometric access panel, a panic room, or a vault, it is great fun to see them in action! If you have a spare closet or room and you are willing to give that up for an exciting secret place in your home, Hidden Door Store has a line of read-to-ship secret doors at a much lower cost than the typical custom project.

The Secrets to Success

Steve Humble, the founder and president of Creative Home Engineering & Hidden Door Store, was a mechanical engineer whose main task was to design surgical lasers. In 2003, he quit his job to start what was going to be a famous company. It all began in his parents’ garage where he built motorized secret passageways for people in Arizona. Today, the company has created about 1,000 passageway systems all over the world with clients ranging from business executives to celebrities to government officials to professional athletes. Our company offers standard door security solutions, but we also have custom jobs that suit our clients’ tastes and requirements. There are definitely no worries about security, especially because every door style is different from all the others they have built. The unique design is particular to each client. We have a variety of door entry systems, including mirror doors, sliding, single, or double bookcase doors, wainscot doors, stone doors, and pool cue doors. We also use a digital access control system for their designs, including the ones for a rotating fireplace and other styles. Every step is crucial in building a hidden passageways, but one of the most important is the fabrication process. After the clients have approved of the drawings from the design team of our company, production can be initiated. All the pieces of lumber are handpicked by professional carpenters to make sure only the best wood is utilized. Because of our focus on discreet security, our secret doors would not be complete without a door lock. Different product styles have different types. Our standard doors have single bolt locks, while our typical custom projects have electromagnetic locks. Higher security doors will provide duplicate security with the use of multi-point steel bolts.

The Benefits and Functionality of a Magnetic Door Lock

Our most popular lock type for our custom projects is a magnetic lock. Also known as electromagnetic locks or maglocks, these locking devices are designed using electromagnetism. When they are installed on door access control systems, they provide a strong level of security for property inside. Maglocks have two main parts: the first one is an electromagnet and the second is an armature plate. When it comes to sophisticated locks, there are  both fail-safe type which remain unlocked when de-energized and fail-secure type which stay locked even during a power failure. Since maglocks are powered by electricity, they are fail-safe, which means safe egress is possible even during power failure. However, for those that would prefer the security offered by a fail-secure feature, an access control system can simply be connected to a battery backup. There are many advantages to maglocks. These locks are awkward to tamper with, meaning they are less vulnerable to manipulation than traditional locks. Since we often build builds passageways, vaults, and other secret rooms, we need a strong and robust device – maglocks are difficult to break.  Maglock are sturdy, thanks to their epoxy potting compound, and have extended lifetimes. But the most important advantage of maglocks when it comes to our unique application in secret doors is that they provide a precise seal. Because they rely on two flat metal surfaces sealing together, the door will not shake or rattle when force is applied or it is shook. This is important to the secrecy of a secret door. Since maglocks use magnetic force, they do not require a mechanical latch bolt for unlocking and locking doors. Some employ door access control systems, which are quite useful during emergencies. These locks mechanically free the doors even when there is a power shortage. Therefore, the door will open with no problems relating to mechanical failure. Think of maglocks like our TV or refrigerator. These items in your home all rely on electric power and it is the same for electromagnetic locks. It may sound like a bad thing, especially if there is a power outage but maglocks can still keep your valuable possessions safe. This is true even at times of emergency because some can operate using batteries when there are power outs. With maglocks, you do not need a key, so you will never be locked out of your building or room again. Depending on the type of electromagnetic lock you go for, you will either use a smart card, keypad, or a proximity reader.

Where to Get Reliable Maglocks

We all want to guarantee our safety. Whether it is for our house or our business, we want all doors to remain locked whenever they should be. If you are searching for maglocks for a DIY project, consider Visionis – the same source our company uses. Visionis offers quality products at an industry leading price. Their maglocks can be controlled through a variety of methods from wireless buttons to biometric scanners.

Variety of Security Products at VISIONIS

Visionis has the a wide collection when it comes to control access devices as well as home alarm systems. They also have a full inventory of chime systems and wireless doorbells, as well as other innovative and high-tech systems. They also have biometric systems that can recognize either the face of an individual or fingerprint. Some biometric systems on the site use hand geometry for verifying access to a property. A comprehensive inventory of high-end accessories includes keypads for maglocks, prox card readers, and many more that would work well with access controlled systems. Maglocks from FPC are manufactured by VISIONIS, which is the leading name in creating electronic security products. For over 10 years in the industry, VISIONIS has produced topnotch access control products, including maglocks, access software, IP and WiFi technology, and controllers among many others. There are many security products on the market, but finding quality options can be hard. Combining the engineering skill of our team with high quality products, such as Visionis’s access control devices, we are able to create durable and precise secret doors that amaze and ‘wow’ our clients.

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