How to: Create a Secure Gun Closet

How to: Create A Secure Gun Closet

Why are more and more clients using our secret doors to create their own gun closet?

There are many benefits to building a gun closet:

  1. You don’t need to obstruct home space
  2. A gun closet increases home value, by turning a standard closet into a highly sought-after feature
  3. You can hide even a big gun safe
  4. Your firearms can be conveniently located
  5. By using a secret door, you can keep your guns secret – from criminals or intrusive guests.

So, how do you build your hidden gun closet?

Step 1: Closet Selection

Identify which closet in your home you would like to convert into a gun closet. This will depend some what on your planned use. For example, are these firearms for use in case of an emergency? If so, you’ll want to choose a closet that is quickly accessible, for example one located in your bedroom. Or is it to store firearms for sport, in which case you may want to choose a larger closet in another part of the house, where quick access isn’t as essential.

Step 2: Updating the Interior

Your home builder probably planned your closet with the standard storage in mind: clothing and other household goods. Storing firearms, of course, has different requirements.

You’ll want to start by removing unnecessary features that may be obstructing your storage space. For example, you may need to remove the closet rod or small shelving that would not be large enough for your equipment. Of course, some of this may come in handy (for example, you may want to leave the rod if you plan to keep your hunting jackets inside) so think through your personal plans of use.

With the additional space, you can now consider what storage solutions you would like for your guns. Installing freestanding or wall-mounted gun racks are a great way to organize your firearms. You’ll also want to include organized storage for ammunition and other accessories.

Some will also want to include their gun safe within their gun closet. However, to many, this extra layer will be unnecessary if they install a secret door to hide the closet in the first place. Alternatively, you may want to reinforce the closet walls itself. Thickening the walls can provide additional forced entry protection, or one can even add ballistic Kevlar panels to armor their walls from firearm attacks.

Step 3: Purchase and Install Secret Closet Door

Your gun closet is not complete until it is hidden – otherwise it simply makes criminals jobs easier by putting all the “good stuff” in one place. Fortunately, by implementing one of our secret doors, you can completely secure your entire collection.

Secret Mirror Door System – $1500+

Our secret doors are easily installed in to many door frames. You simply will need to have a contractor slightly adjust the frame size of your door opening. If you’re building a house, then it’s even easier. Our secret door system will arrive pre-assembled, and are as simple to install as a pre-hung door.

For many applications, especially those near bedrooms, we advise selecting our Mirror Door as your form of gun closet concealment. The mirror looks natural in a bedroom setting, while also providing you a convenient reflection!

Planning a Hidden Gun Closet?

Contact our security team at 480-926-1742

We’ll walk you through several secret door options, including:

  • The best secret door camoflauge for your home.
  • Material & color selection
  • Security features: magnetic entry system, wireless keypad code, and more.

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