Secret Door Security Uses

Consider the following scenario: A homeowner leaves their home for a week of travel. During this time a criminal breaks into the house and finds an overt, standard safe. The criminal now has plenty of time to leave the house, pick up the specific safe-breaking tools they need for that safe model, and return. Upon returning, the homeowner finds their priceless jewelry and sensitive documents missing.

With a secret door hiding a standard safe, the location of one’s most valuable possessions will never be identified in the first place. In fact, standard safes usually serve to attract criminals. For example, a service man’s imagination might run wild wondering what riches are inside a large safe. With a secret passageway, they will never think about this in the first place. An existing safe can simply be placed behind a secret door.

In addition to significant gains in security, a hidden door also provides both beauty and convenience in securing valuables – for instance:

Further, standard safes are often small and can require that homeowners cram their valuables into a restricted space. With a secret passageway leading to a closet or another room, plenty of space is available to display ones’ valuable possessions – where they can be easily enjoyed and properly displayed.

Some clients even choose to use a secret door as a convenient way to double the benefit of their storm shelter by instantly making it usable as a panic room as well.

For complete peace of mind while at home or traveling, a secret passageway is stunningly beautiful yet conveniently functional.

Secret Door for Entertainment & Decor

While some clients keep their doors an absolute secret, many clients opt for a secret door as a fun and stylish way to hide their favorite getaway such as:

A hidden door provides an exciting alternative to a regular door for all your fun and exciting spaces.

Gun vault door
Custom Gun Vault Project

Secret doors are more secure and provide vastly more space than a safe alone.

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