3 Things To Avoid When Purchasing A Hidden Door

It’s easy to think — or even daydream — about all the features you might want in a hidden door. Secrecy ranks up at the top, as does style. The two often go hand-in-hand to ensure a hidden door actually remains hidden. 

Switches or a hidden door latch are also a common interest or priority for those purchasing a hidden door, whether they desire a magnet or a remote trigger, such as a wine bottle that twists or a book that needs to be tilted. 

What can be overlooked while searching for a hidden door are the things that a buyer should avoid. Hidden doors are an investment, falling into the category of a “want” generally versus a “need” — with the exception of a high-security door that protects against forced entry. So, it’s easy to get caught up in the bells and whistles of a door instead of focusing on the mechanics of it. 

But, if the idea is to purchase a hidden door that performs, and performs well, the mechanics of it need to be front and center. With that in mind, here are three things to avoid when purchasing a hidden door.

Subpar materials. Not every hidden door is created equally. At the Hidden Door Store, we manufacture our hidden doors at our Arizona-based headquarters without outsourcing any of the labor or fabrication, which in some cases can compromise a door’s quality and durability. We commit ourselves to using the highest quality lumber, steel reinforcements and premium electrical circuitry to ensure that our doors perform the way they were designed to. In addition, our patented hinges support proper load bearing capabilities and allow for rotation and adjustments in ways other manufacturers don’t, giving room for realignment if and when a house settles or experiences environmental changes. 

Inaccurate measurements. Hidden doors become hidden, in part, due to precise measurements. That specificity aligns, at least at the Hidden Door Store, with precision design and manufacturing that only allows for visible seams measuring 1/16th of an inch — or the thickness of a penny. So, it’s vitally important for anyone ordering a hidden door to measure with extreme accuracy. At the Hidden Door Store, we ship our doors pre-hung, which intentionally allows for easy installation and ideally fits snugly in door openings. Inaccurate measurements will not only affect the fit of the door but also its functionality. 

Scope of purpose. It’s just as important to consider what is going behind a hidden door as what the door will look like on the exterior. Hidden doors can offer more than a cool hideaway — they can offer security for those in need of it. Those looking for a hidden door to protect valuables, secure firearms or create a safe space that guards against forced entry may need to consider different features than those who are looking to add a little flair to their office or man-cave entryway. Always consider the full scope of the purpose for a hidden door before making a purchase that might fall short of what the door needs to do to meet expectations.

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