Finding The Best High-Security Fit: Embassy Door Vs. Fortress Door

Feeling safe at home is more than a desire. It’s a need. Safety for family members and the protection of belongings is a priority for homeowners and the home security market reflects that, as it is anticipated to nearly double in size over the next five years.

That increase in market size comes as home burglaries are on the rise. The number of home burglaries reported to the FBI, for example, increased steadily between 2019 and 2021, which saw more than 580,000 in one year. 

Beyond security cameras, video monitors and motion lighting, high-security doors offer an extra layer of security for homeowners in search of additional protection. High-security doors not only offer a peace of mind, but they act as a proactive approach to home security. Cameras and monitors might act as a deterrent but they often are tools utilized after the fact — keeping record of a crime as it happens for authorities and homeowners to view in the aftermath. 

At the Hidden Door Store, we offer two styles of high-security doors, allowing homeowners to fortify their residence with ease while knowing they’re protected in a unique way. Our Embassy Series door and our Fortress Series door offer homeowners in search of high-security doors options when it comes to protection. Both are commonly used by governments, royalty and security-minded individuals around the world — and both are available for home or business use.

Here’s how they size up against each other. 

The Embassy Series. Made of three inches of galvanized steel, the Embassy Series door is encased by a four-inch, galvanized steel frame and its steel-sheet core offers multiple layers of protection — even if one layer becomes compromised. Its manganese steel plates are drill resistant and its robust locking mechanism includes 10 bolts on the lock side, four on the hinge side and additional bolts on the top and bottom of the frame. A layer of rock wool provides heat and sound insulation, and it has earned an FE5 rating from the U.S. State Department for forced entry protection.

The Fortress Series. A bulletproof, high-security door, the Fortress Series door is made of 3.5 inches of galvanized steel encased in a 4.5-inch galvanized steel frame. The door offers two different ballistic standards to protect against handguns, rifles and automatic weapons. It includes a similarly robust locking mechanism with multiple bolts at multiple points, while also offering upgrades for keypad and biometric access. It is drill resistant the same way the Embassy Series is, offers similar insulation and its steel sheet composition allows for redundancy if one layer becomes compromised.

Both the Embassy and Fortress Series doors offer a multitude of options, from finishes to design to swing to lock type. The Embassy Series offers a bullet resistant peep hole, while the Fortress Series offers different levels of ballistic-rated peep holes. 

To better understand the differences and similarities between each of our high-security doors, review their specs or reach out to our team to get any questions answered!

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