Home Office + Secret Doors: Creating A Healthy Separation

Workplace trends took a decidedly different avenue in early 2020, when almost every company adjusted to a remote working environment — for at least the short term — to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

While operations for many businesses have returned to normal, pre-pandemic routines, many others have adopted new practices that allow staffers to continue working in remote environments all the time or at least some of the time. 

That shift has fueled a return to a designated home office. What was reserved in generations past for completing work that was meant for the home, like writing bills, reviewing investments and taking calls, is now a space that is being used for several hours a day, every day. Or, at least a few days a week.

Statistics indicate that nearly one-third of the population works remote at least some of the time. Other industry estimates put that number closer to 50%. Regardless of the precise size of the remote-work population, there is a sizable ratio of professionals who go to work at home, making that office space that much more important. 

Another important element, in this work-from-home era, is separation between work and home life. At the Hidden Door Store, our secret doors allow professionals who work from home to close up and seal away a home office at the end of the day in a way that mentally separates them from “the office” and its concerns — allowing them to be more present in weekend activities or time with family. 

Need some separation from your work-at-home space? Consider how these options may help facilitate that.

Bookcase doors. The old “out of sight, out of mind” saying suggests that if you can’t see it, you won’t think about it. A bookcase secret door could provide a nice facade for a home office, especially if that case is stocked with books that allow a homeowner to escape into a story, work on self improvement or learn more about their industries. It’s almost as if a professional can close the door to the office on Friday, knowing they’re “opening” a door to leisure or self improvement away from work.

Wine rack doors. The exterior of a wine rack hidden door definitely sends a clear signal that work is over and relaxation is on the agenda. Not only does the door add a nice aesthetic touch to a home’s overall finish and decor, but it serves as a mental reminder that work is done and “me time” is taking the wheel. It also doesn’t hurt to have happy hour just one corkscrew away from a hectic day. As an added bonus, wine rack doors can include access switches that involve rotating a certain bottle or series of bottles. And, custom wine bottle labels — perhaps with a family member’s name or vacation memory on it — can be included as a way to personalize the door’s switch.

Panel doors. The ultimate mental block for a home office could be offered by a panel door, created and built at our sister company, Creative Home Engineering. Panel doors sit absolutely flush with a wall, disguised with the exact finish as the rest of the wall, only to open to a secret passageway or room — in this case, a home office. While its sole exterior purpose is secrecy, a panel door will truly shield a homeowner from the demands of the office during downtime.

To better understand what type of door may work best for your home office, connect with our team. We’re happy to help you consider the options we have available!

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