Creating A Sanctuary Room At Home With A Secret Door

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Have you ever wanted a place at home that is solely yours? Somewhere that you can retreat, regroup, and relax away from the eyes of friends, family, and strangers? Now more than ever, in the chaotic world we live in, it’s important to make time for yourself, especially time alone for your well-being. 

Unfortunately, finding a place to be at peace, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, can be challenging. So why not create a space in your home? Our team at The Hidden Door Store has detailed what you need to know about creating your own sanctuary. 

The Importance Of Personal Space – Man Caves & She Sheds

Psychologically, man caves and she sheds are complex. In recent years there have been studies that have clarified these private dwellings and their purpose. Despite various findings, there are a few constants. One thing the evidence has made clear is the importance of having your own personal space. They are places where men and women can escape, unwind, and destress. Private, secluded spaces provide people with a sense of freedom, control, and purpose. 

Hidden Doors Offer The Ultimate Privacy

One of the biggest benefits of installing a hidden door is that it offers the ultimate privacy, but the hidden doors themselves are one of the more challenging parts of a secret room project – we make it easy. With one of our customizable hidden doors, you can create a unique space that matches your decor and expectations. Some of our most popular choices are bookcase and mirror doors, and since they can be customized to blend with your home, they give you the ability to create a secret room to enjoy time alone. 

Factors To Consider When Transforming A Space In Your Home With A Hidden Door

If you’re considering transforming a space in your home with a hidden door, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind to ensure it’s possible. Below, we’ve shared these factors to help you plan your new man cave, or she shed in your home:

  • Where will your hidden door be placed? You need to carefully select a location that has sufficient space for a secret door. It also needs to be able to open and close without obstruction and provide a natural transition between the hidden room and the adjacent room. For example, building a bookcase hidden door in a laundry room doesn’t make sense. 
  • What type of hidden door do you want? There are numerous types of secret doors that you can have built in your home to hide your personal space. Popularly, people choose bookcase doors and mirror doors since they can naturally fit most rooms, but if neither of these options appeals to you, it is possible to design one from scratch. 
  • Do you prefer to buy a completed pre-hung door system that you can install very quickly, or do you prefer to save money by ordering a hidden door kit that you assemble yourself? Hidden doors can take some time to build and install since there needs to be a seamless look that hides them. This means you’ll need the appropriate materials, tools, and skills. If you have the skill you can purchase a DIY hidden door kit, but if not, you can have The Hidden Door Store help one for you.. 

Get Your Own DIY Hidden Door Kit From The Hidden Door Store

Creating a sanctuary at home doesn’t have to be a complex endeavor if you get your own DIY hidden door kit from us at The Hidden Door Store. Our kits are accessible, affordable, and easy to assemble. We include all the instructions you’ll need to create a wholly private room free from the eyes of others. 
You can also rest easy knowing our hidden doors are durable, high quality, and patented, and you won’t need specialized tools or electricity and wiring. If you’re interested in learning more, you can contact our team here.