Every week we get calls from homeowners asking us to fix their botched secret door.

Avoid a future headache. Invest in the best from the start.


Have you been researching what the best secret door to buy is? As you’ve probably seen, not all secret doors are created equal. Often a poorly built door is worse than no door at all. Our secret doors are built using the techniques and technologies we have developed over 12 years of custom secret door design. No other company offers doors that look as good, install as easily, or last as long as ours do.

Read below to see what makes our doors unique and why a “budget” secret door costs you significantly more in the end. * indicates a hidden cost.

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Secret Door Functionality Comparison

  • Hidden door open and close operation is absolutely smooth.
  • No floor contact. No feet or rollers.
  • Steel support system built into door to prevent sagging and rubbing. Effortless opening.


trick to hiding safe in closet
  • Have to lift door to get it off of catch when opening.
  • Relies on feet to keep door from sagging or rubbing.
  • No sag control system. Relies entirely on wood to support load. Door may rub or catch during use. Bookcase door sagging likely.


Murphy Door review shows problem

Secret Door Materials Comparison

  • Classic Core plywood throughout. This gives our secret doors superior stiffness and screw strength.
  • 3mm solid edge banding provides high durability to all visible finished surfaces.
  • Machined pivot hinges with full 5 axis adjustability. Unique patented design. Keeps your door with tight gaps for life.


Best bookcase door wood

High quality bookcase  door materials and fit


  • Lower cost MDF material. Increases sagging and warp which leads to poor function.
  • Thin edge banding that can dent and delaminate with anything but the most gentle use.
  • Simple bearing style pivots. Adjustments require tedious positioning and guesswork. 2 axis door hinge adjustability only.


bookcase door wood

Low quality materials and fit


Secrecy and Finish Comparison

  • Tight gaps of 1/8″ or less.
  • 8 1/4″ bookshelf depth leads to a natural look.
  • Seams hidden behind overlaps to conceal door.
  • Minimal light penetration under and around door.
  • Difficult to detect door. Door is invisible even on close inspection.


  • Huge 1/2″ gaps. Gaps in secret door give secret away.
  • Shallow shelves look abnormal.
  • Obvious seams where panels meet.
  • Significant light penetration at all seams.
  • Easy to tell it’s a door. Low secrecy. Can’t trust for security door.


Bookcase door wood

Very tight gaps keep door from being noticed.

Huge gaps give away the door immediately.

Secret Door Lock Comparison

  • Fully integrated secret lock and switches requires zero installation. Unique locks possible, including keypad and biometric door access.
  • No wiring or high voltage to mess with. Batteries are easy to replace and last for years.
  • Doesn’t use any electricity to keep door secure. Door stays locked and secure in power outage. Secret door is fail secure.


  • Locking systems offered as a DIY kit that requires electrician. * +$500-750
  • Requires an electrician to run wires and set up switches.* +$500-750
  • When power is turned off your door is unsecured and may open on its own.
hidden door lock

Integrated battery operated locking system. No installation required.

Patented 5 axis pivot set machined from aluminum and steel.


murphy door hidden door lock

Locking kit requires wiring and electrician.

Simple 2 axis adjustable bearing.



  • Easy to install with no special tools or hardware required.
  • Pre-assembled and tested prior to shipping.
  • 150lb (68kg) load capacity.


  • May require special tools or finishing.* +$200-300
  • Trims and moldings provided separately. Must be installed on site.
  • Low load capacity without deflection.



  • We provide a 1 year warranty on parts and materials.
  • Supported directly by our engineers.


  • Warranty void once door is installed.
  • Limited support through distributors.


Avoid paying for a gimmick. Buy a real secret door. 

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