Secure Valuables Behind A Hidden Door

People store their valuables in different ways. From the shoebox in the closet to the safe under the bed to the secret pouch hidden in the back of the sock drawer — some storage methods are more secure than others.

Hidden doors offer an alternative that is secretive and secure for any number of items that someone wants to keep safe. At the Hidden Door Store, we’ve seen hidden doors used to disguise secret passageways, safe rooms and entertainment spaces.

But, we’ve also seen them used to conceal and protect valuables. What better way to store something that needs to be hidden than with a door disguised as something else — from a bookcase to a hutch to a mirror or a wine rack.

Here are a few different ways to use hidden doors to secure your valuables.

Jewelry and accessories. Those who own valuable pieces of jewelry, including gems and designer watches, may wish to secure those items in a way that still makes them accessible to wear, without imposing on a room’s decor and without using a jewelry safe. A mirror hidden door offers an aesthetically pleasing, and appropriately-placed option, for securing those valuables in a master suite. 

Metals and currency. Collectors of precious metals and valued currency may want to keep their valuables at home but just out of reach. A bookcase or hutch secret door, accessed from an office or den, could serve as the perfect way to conceal the space where the items are kept. The space behind the door could range in size depending on the size of the collection and if those valuables are on display or simply tucked away.

Critical documents. Paperwork that needs to be secured, for any number of reasons, could be stored behind a hidden door disguised as a bookcase or hutch, perfect for an office or den. If the items are being stored in a master suite, a mirror hidden door might be a better option. Regardless of the style, a hidden door could conceal spaces where those documents can be kept safely out of sight.

Firearms. Anyone in the market for a gun safe understands that they are built purely for function, leaving little regard for style. A hidden door allows for a safe to be concealed in a way that blends with a home’s decor — perhaps concealed by a wine rack door or even a linen closet door. For those who would like the door itself to serve as the firearm safe, a high-security door may be an option with its robust locking mechanism and its ballistic rating. 

Wine or art. Collectors of wine or art may want to secure those pieces, to protect their investment and keep the collections protected from exposure to potentially damaging light. A wine rack hidden door could serve as an appropriate access point to a secret wine cellar or tucked-away art gallery. 

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