Common Mistakes in Hiding a Home Safe — and Our Top Solution

According to the FBI, the average burglary lasts 8-12 minutes, so your primary concern is how to hide a home safe well enough that it can’t be found in that time.

Where does a burglar look?

Unfortunately many of the places we think to hide a safe in our home are already well known to criminals. Here’s some common places that criminals will look, particularly in places we may consider secret:

  • how to hide your home safeMaster bedroom: Burglars know this is the most common place for valuables, like jewelry. Mattresses, drawers and closets are natural targets.
  • Bathroom: Medicine cabinets and even toilet wells will often be considered. Bear in mind the value of controlled medicine to burglars.
  • Living Room: Certainly plain sight items are often found here. Drawers will often be toppled over to empty contents. This is often where wallets and credit cards can be found.
  • Kitchen – criminals know people may try to hide valuables in the freezer, or look for safes disguised as cereal boxes or cans, and may ransack these items to make a quick look.
  • The office – focus is primarily on electronic equipment. But also a place for personal documents.
  • The kids room – with today’s expensive video games systems and personal electronics, burglars know the value here can easily beat that which is in the master bedroom.

What’s worse then a criminal finding some valuables in these places? Discovering your home safe!

“Keeping items in a small, lightweight and movable safe is a bit like gift-wrapping guaranteed swag for your burglar.”

Cammy, a leading security camera company


Important Factors In Deciding How to Hide A Home Safe:

#1 Secrecy

No matter how secure it looks, if someone finds your safe it is of limited worth. With simple tools, it is often easy to break a safe – or just carry it home. Take a look at this 60 second video of an amateur breaking in to a hidden home safe.

#2 Longevity & Damage

bad home safe
Does this look like a clean place for your important papers? Source:

You don’t want to keep your most valuable possessions where they are at risk of being damaged. We’ve all heard the story of the mob kingpin who had his stash of cash hidden in the basement where it was being eaten by rats. 

But many other commonly suggested methods in the modern day have a similar risk. Putting valuables inside of an old food jar or in unclean places such as a vacuum cleaner cavity puts them at a higher risk of value loss then they were in being stolen. 

Therefore, a hidden safe for the home should be in a clean, climate controlled environment. Additionally, you don’t want it to be somewhere where people may later assume is trash and throw it away, such as the pocket of clothing!

#3 Ease of Access

If you have to dig up your cash from the ground every time you need to use it, that wouldn’t be very useful! If you have a safe that is so hard to reach in your house, and requires moving furniture, then you’ll end up not using it for important thing, such as your passports, that may need to be taken out frequently. 

The Best Hidden Safes for The Home

How to hide a home safe - the best way
Our Secret Door Featured on Bloomberg

Our top recommendation on hidden safes for the home is to place your safe behind a hidden door. These easily replace your standard door to create a completely hidden space. You can simply replace a closet door or even a larger room in your house – it’s up to you.

If you’re traveling or out for an extended period of time, you don’t have to limit yourself to what you can fit inside, as opposed to a standard home safe. For example, if traveling for a week, you may want to simply add any valuable paintings and vases to this secret area temporarily.

A secret door is fits the three criteria for a well hidden safe. 

  1. It is secret: no one will know where your safe is, nor that you even have one
  2. It is durable: it is as inside your climate controlled house in any room of your choosing
  3. It is easy to access: simply walk in to the room whenever you want – and have as much space as you want!

Our complete, secret door systems start at $1,500 and easily install in to many standard door openings!

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