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If you’re here, your firearm collection has probably grown to the point of needing a huge gun safe!

There’s A Better Way

We appreciate how frustrating it feels to run out of space in an expensive, heavy safe. You probably remember how expensive it cost just to move the huge gun safe in the first place.

Instead, Install a hidden door to create a secret, huge gun closet or gun room. Read on to see why so many people are changing their strategy.

5 Problems with a Huge Gun Safe

1. A Big Gun Safes Attract Criminals

Counter intuitively, the bigger the gun safe the more criminal interest you may attract. Why is this?

Nothing indicates that there are valuables inside your home than the presence of an oversize safe.

The truth is, we all have many people visiting our house through the year, and hey – almost all of them are trustworthy. But when a person sees a big gun safe – be it a maid, a repairman, a gardener, a handy man, or even a child’s friend – it’s hard not to imagine what valuables might be inside.

Losing control over the knowledge of your large safe to these people may not immediately be an issue – but what if they innocently mention the presence of your safe to the wrong person?

Every person who knows about your safe is a potential person in a network who can inadvertently “spill the secret” that your home has enough valuables that it is worth targeting.

Of all safes, firearm safes are particularly alluring. According to the US Department of Justice, firearm theft is extremely common.

2. A Big Gun Safe Points Criminals Towards Your Valuables

A big gun safe is like gift wrapping for the burglar. When a criminal break in to a home, they know they have a limited time to extract as much value from the home as possible.

Having spent perhaps a lifetime learning their thieving trade, criminals are often well versed in knowing where to look for valuables – whether it’s in a jewelry display in the master bedroom or video game systems in the kids playroom. But nothing makes their life easier than finding a safe.

Interviews show that “they will do anything to find a safe”. Once a safe is found, they can focus their entire time on breaking in to your your big gun safe. Think it’s safe… read on.

3. Huge Gun Safes can be broken in to

Once a burglar finds your safe, they can focus all their attention on it.

Like all safes, a big gun safe is vulnerable in multiple ways to being broken in to.

4. Even in a Big Gun Safe, Firearm Storage Is Still Limited

No matter how large the safe, its space always seems to run out. It’s just hard to keep all of one’s firearms inside of a box – no matter how large. It’s not just the firearms that should be stored. It’s also the ammunition and add ons that need to be safely kept at bay.

The worst thing is purchasing a huge gun safe and later realizing you don’t have enough room.

5. The Biggest Gun safes are expensive and inconvenient

Traditional gun safes are marketed as bigger is more secure. But bigger is also heavier – very heavy. Big gun safes can weigh as much as 1,000-2,000lbs or more! They are very expensive to move within a house, let alone move between houses. Most people will consider their investment a sunk cost, and leave their safe with their old house when they move.

Will the new owner appreciate the large safe in their house as much as the original buyer did?

Big Gun Safes Size Comparison

How large does your gun safe need to be? You probably have researched the different amount of guns that fit in to different cubic feet sizes.

Securing your gun inside of a hidden space instead of an obvious safe can provide immensely more firearm storage. Take a look at a few options below.

Category Name Exterior Dimensions Actual Storage Dimensions Actual Storage Cu Feet Takes Up Space in home? Weight
Big Gun Safe The General Huge Gun Safe 72 x 60 x 28 Typical 75% of exterior size 52 cu feet Yes 800 – 2,000 lbs
Hidden Space Reach in closet 80 x 30 x 28 80 x 30 x 28 30 cu feet No 120 – 300lbs
Hidden Space Small Walk in Closet 80 x 72 x 72 80 x 72 x 72 240 cu feet No 120 – 300lbs
Hidden Space Large Walk-in Closet 80 x 120 x 144 80 x 120 x 144 800 cu feet No 120 – 300lbs
Hidden Space Other Room 80 x 144 x 256 80 x 144 x 256 1,700 cu feet No 120 – 300lbs

Reviewing this chart you can see how much space for valuables and firearms you can create even just be making use of a small or medium size closet!

Benefits of a Secret Gun Room over a Big Gun Safe

1. Avoid Attracting Criminals

When your valuables are hidden behind a secret door – whether it be what looks like a bookcase or a mirror – no one knows you have valuables in the first place.

Whether repairmen or guests, they won’t have a reason to imagine what riches you may be holding. The knowledge that you own valuables is under YOUR CONTROL.

You can choose to let your friends know, but no one will see without permission.

2. Criminals don’t know that you have valuables – or where to find them

At the Hidden Door Store and at our custom parent company (Creative Home Engineering) we are the only company that build security focused secret doors in the world.

Our secret doors are always missed – even by expert home inspectors.

In the rushed environment of a home burglary, criminals will not even know where to find your valuables. You will attain what traditional security fails to provide: secrecy.

3. A criminal can’t break in to what they can’t see

While our secret doors can range from bolt locking to full on automatic weapon bullet proofing, our doors don’t get attacked in the first place – because burglaries don’t think they hold anything of value.

Unlike a big gun safe, your valuables don’t need to be put up to a burglaries skills – just let them be avoided altogether.

Custom secret door to gun room

4. Your firearm storage Is nearly unlimited

By using our secret doors to build a gun closet or gun room, your firearms can take up as much space as you want.

As detailed previously, while a huge gun safe may have 50+ cu feet of storage, even a small secret closet can have 250+ cu feet of storage. This means you don’t need to store your firearms in an unnatractive, hard to access way. They can be displayed just how you like, and shown this way to your closest friends and family.

The best part is, our secret are pre-assembled and can therefore be uninstalled by your preference. If it’s time to move, our secret doors can move with you. Or, if you would just like more space for your firearms, you can move the secret door to another doorway in your house. 

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