Jewelry Safe: Alanis Morissette loses $2M!

Alanis Morissette
Alanis Morissette burglary

Alanis Morissette (via Reuters)

If you’re like me, you may have been surprised to see the headline in the news today that “Alanis Morissette reportedly robbed of $2M in jewelry” by Fox News and many others. If so, you’re probably wondering how secure jewelry safes really are? Isn’t putting jewelry in a safe supposed to be best way a home owner can keep their valuables? Unfortunately, the answer is: no!

What’s Going On with these Celebrity Robberies?

While many have been blaming celebrities, such as Alanis or Kim Kardashian, for their wealth-flaunting behavior, we promise that you can enjoy your valuables however you want while still keeping them secure. Most of us would rightly expect a celebrity to have the proper security measures in place. A celebrity has much more resources at their disposal to assist them in this manner. But Alanis’ mistake with securing her jewelry wasn’t necessarily the mistake of unpreparedness. Rather, it’s because many of us are taught to think of security the wrong way – and criminals love taking advantage of this. 

The Bigger the Safe, the Bigger the Criminal Attraction

What most people are taught is that the more robust the security – the bigger the safe – the more secure you are. In this day and age, this isn’t the case at all. With the vast resources of the internet, a criminal can access information about nearly any safe or security device within minutes. Take a quick look at Youtube and you’ll see dozens of videos of safe cracking. Does the safe have multiple locking bolts on the door? Simple, the criminal can just drill through the side of the safe. Does the burglar have only a few moments due to an house alarm? Simple, use a few tools to dismount a safe and take it with them to unlock at a later time. While a safe can be good for low-security needs, what a safe mostly does is act as a target of attention. It tells the criminals “focus your time here”. And that’s exactly how the criminals were able to find Alanis Morissettes $2 million of jewelry in such a short time! But don’t worry – there’s a solution! Jewelry Safe

Safes Aren’t Perfect – But your Valuables can be Perfectly Safe

While there are several cases in the news of celebrities who had security problems, we work with many more high profile clients (and the non famous variety of home owner!) who do have a solution in place. Simple put, you need both security AND secrecy. Neither works without the other. Morissettes’ team only had the first part in place. Our clients will either take a safe – or no safe at all – and put their valuables inside a secret space. Namely, by installing one of our hidden doors. For example, by simply removing a closet door and instead putting in a secret mirror door, they turn an entire walk-in closet in to a hidden area. This provides a perfectly safe place for all jewelry, furs, watches, gems, passports and much more in their hidden closet. If Alanis would have simply installed a secret mirror door she could have entirely prevented the thieves every knowing where to look to find her $2,000,000 worth now stolen jewelry – and it would have only cost her $1,500! Secret mirror door hiding a secret room Browse our website and see how you can have better security for your jewelry than Alanis with a minor home modifications!
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