How to Hide A Safe in a Closet

Using your closet as secret storage space is one of our most popular methods of home valuables security.Custom Closet door for safe hiding

We work with a wide variety of clients throughout the world who need the highest level of security, including celebrities and royalty. Leveraging our experience, we can tell you there is a way to easily hide a safe in a closet in your home!

Keeping a safe in a closet is very useful because it allows you to have your valuables right where they are convenient for you, often near where your bedroom is.  Unfortunately, no matter how strong the safe is, a closet safe in plain sight is a bad idea.  

Why A Closet Safe Alone Isn’t Safe

Criminals break in to safes all the time. And we’re not just talking about cheap safes. Just last month even in the news Alanis Morrissett’s bedroom safe was stolen resulting in $2M worth of stolen jewelry.

The reason why closet safes are so often broken in to is because a safe is NOT secret. On the contrary, a safe points criminals directly to where your valuables are. That is why actually hiding your safe, such as in a closet, is critical.

A non-hidden safe isn’t a problem just for when a criminals breaks in to your house, but for all the normal hours of the day when your neighbors, repairmen, housekeepers, etc. are passing by your stash. When visitors see your safe sitting there, they can’t help but imagine (and talk about) what great treasures must wait inside of your safe! Even if they aren’t criminals, they may mention their observation to the wrong person.

Hiding a safe in a closet
What could be in that safe I saw today??

Therefore, researching how to hide a safe in a closet properly is very smart! Because criminals know that safes and valuables are commonly found in master bedrooms and master bedroom closets, it is important that you take extra care in hiding your safe.

Best Practice for A Hidden Closet Safe

trick to hiding a safe in a closet
Safe Closet Door System starts at $1,500

Therefore, rather than tucking your items behind clothes or other makeshift hiding places, our clients invest in simply switching their closet door for a secret doorThis makes there entire closet a safe place to keep their valuables, including a safe.

Our hidden doors can easily be put in place of a standard door, and fit many standard opening sizes including 32″ and 38″. Bookcases, mirrors and armoires are great options. Our custom projects provide a high level of options. Peruse our website to find more information about secret doors – and see how it’s the ultimate way to hide a safe in a closet.  
Perfectly hide your safe in a closet – and make your entire closet a secure space. Starting at $1,500!

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