We have bad news: the first place many homeowners store their jewelry and valuables is exactly where most burglars first look when breaking in. Just having a home jewelry safe isn’t enough – you need to place it in a hidden location.

But don’t worry, from working 12 years with discerning homeowners around the globe, we can share a simple solutions to this.

An NBC affiliate in St. Louis completed a great study where they compiled written responses from 86 convicted thieves, each detailing their thought process during a break-in. The responses are concerning:

“I head straight to master bedroom… grab the pillowcase… drop in the jewelry box.”


how to keep jewelry safe at home

<< Actual convicted criminal’s response to KSDK survey

Over a decade of providing custom solutions for valuables around the world has allowed us to identify a number of issues specific to securing jewelry and home jewelry safes.

Discreet Home Jewelry Safe
Custom Secret Mirror Developed for Client’s Master Bathroom Closet

You may be tempted to think that, aside from the major invasion of privacy, the loss of your jewelry isn’t as significant, as it will be easily covered by insurance. But this unfortunately isn’t the case. As a leading security website, Safe Wise reports:

“Unfortunately, jewelry is notoriously difficult to trace and rarely recovered.  So keep jewelry pictures, receipts and appraisals in a safe location – it is otherwise very hard to report to insurance”

So, what do they recommend?

“Consider hiding it in an unusual place, such as an empty shampoo bottle in the bathroom closet”

But do you really want your jewelry covered in shampoo? We think having to hide your jewelry in obscure places is, well, tragic!

One might consider instead keeping their jewelry in a home safe. Not only is a jewelry safe a poor way to “enjoy” your jewelry, it’s also not secure. In fact, a home jewelry safe points criminals right to your jewelry! Just check out the example video below!

The best way how to keep jewelry safe at home?

Store jewelry in a place that is both secure and hidden. A place that is both beautiful and spacious. A secret closet door.

There are many benefits to placing your jewelry behind one of our full length secret mirror closet doors, including:

Maximizing the space in your room

Safe display jewelry in your entire closet

No need to move jewelry in and out of safe when traveling 

Enjoy the experience of “walking through the mirror” 

Your friends wont stop talking about your home feature

Gain incredible home value 

In this age of easily access to high tech tools, we hear terrible burglary cases every day. For example, you may have seen the news story of the woman that recently had her home robbed of her $224,000 life savings, including a $36,000 ring, as reported by the Star Tribune.

But YOU can make use of the luxury security feature that most of us only know from movies & books: secret doors. In prior times our famous custom doors (averaging $11,000) were only found in large mansions.

Now, with our ready-to-ship Hidden Door Store products starting at just $1,500, you can transform a master closet into your own private vault – just by switching the door for a secret mirror!

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