The First Place Homeowners Store Jewelry

Is The First Place Criminals Look

Conventional Jewelry Safes Are Vulnerable

Steel safes just aren’t enough. Our 14 years experience creating discreet security for the world’s high net worth individuals has taught us how to easily avoid these risks. 


Install A Secret Door To Turn

Your Entire Closet Into A Secret Jewelry Safe

Secret mirror unlocking

Reasons Clients Install Secret Doors:

Criminals can’t steal what they can’t find

Knowledge of valuables kept private from visitors

No need to move jewelry when traveling

Unlimited space for valuables

Can place fire safe inside of secret room for critical items

Stunning home décor feature

Display jewelry without constraints

Mirror Safe leading to closet of jewelry

Why Cram Jewelry In to A Small Safe?

Walk in Closet Safe for Jewelry

With A Hidden Closet, Display Your Jewelry Elegantly

Many clients carefully designed their custom closet, using luxurious woods and chic colors for the express purpose of displaying their necklaces, rings, bracelets, gems, watches, furs, and more exactly to their preference. By simply replacing the closet door with a secret door, they securely can use the room as intended.

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Convicted Burglar Interviews

We have bad news: the first place many homeowners store their jewelry and valuables is exactly where most burglars first look when breaking in. Just having a home jewelry safe isn’t enough – you need to place it in a hidden location.

An NBC affiliate in St. Louis completed a great study where they compiled written responses from 86 convicted thieves, each detailing their thought process during a break-in. The responses are concerning:

“I head straight to master bedroom… grab the pillowcase… drop in the jewelry box.”


how to keep jewelry safe at home

<< Actual convicted criminal’s response to KSDK survey

Difficulty In Recovering Insurance

It’s tempting to think that, aside from the major invasion of privacy, the loss of ones jewelry isn’t as significant as initially thought, as it will be easily replaced by insurance. But this unfortunately isn’t the case. As a leading security website, Safe Wise reports:

“Unfortunately, jewelry is notoriously difficult to trace and rarely recovered.  So keep jewelry pictures, receipts and appraisals in a safe location – it is otherwise very hard to report to insurance”

But precious jewelry is often important for many more reasons than its dollar value. Whether an intricate timepiece or a gorgeous diamond ring, jewelry may serve as family heirlooms that capture decades of memories. Insurance can never replace this.

This is partially what leads people to invest in a conventional home jewelry safe. However, not only does a home safe point burglars directly to your valuables, it also attracts criminals in the first place. If it’s not a hidden safe, an innocent house cleaner, repairman, plumber, or house guest may absentmindedly mention the presence of one’s safe to the wrong person, making the house a future target. 

Recent Jewelry Burglaries In News

In this age of easy access to high tech tools and safe-cracking knowledge, we hear terrible burglary cases every day. For example, as reported by the Star Tribune, a woman in St. Paul lost her entire life savings due to a burglary in October, 2016.

Using only DIY methods of hiding her valuables, thieves were able to find 100 1-oz golden bars worth $134,000 after prying her side door open. Also stolen was a diamond ring valued at $30,000 and $60,000 in cash. In total, the women’s $224,000 life savings of jewelry and precious metals were stolen in 20 minutes. Improper methods of hiding meant that the criminals found her valuables. 

In San Diego, in January 2018, another family had priceless hand-crafted and gilded jewelry stolen from their home, totaling about $150,000, according to Fox 5 San Diego. It wasn’t just the value that hurt – it’s the fact that many of the items were one-of-a-kind, important family heirlooms. Insurance can not fix that. 

Victims also include people who have sophisticated security budgets, including wealthy celebrities. Without discreet security, they are still at risk. In February 2017 well-known singer Alanis Morissette was robbed of $2 Million worth of jewelry, according to LA Times. How did they make off with such a large amount? By taking the entire large jewelry safe with them.

That wasn’t just a freak incident. Simon Cowell was burgled while he slept after criminals found the keys to his steel home safe and emptied it out, including of historic gems and cash. The value totaled in the “six figures” according to The Telegraph.

The internet is replete with case after recent case of home jewelry and entire safes being stolen. By adding an element of secrecy to ones security strategy this can be avoided.

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