Man Cave Doors

Building the ultimate man cave.

One very popular use of our secret doors is as the ultimate door for a man cave! They provide that breathtaking entrance for your guests with that excitement of secrecy. Crafting the perfect retreat takes a lot of work. A regular door can ruin the ambiance you’ve spent some much effort creating. Forget about trying to find a sign, curtain, or kitschy decor to hide your man cave. A secret door might be just the perfect fit for your fortress of solitude.

Inspired by film

We’ve been helping homeowners take their man caves to the next level by incorporating secret doors. We build & ship secret doors just like those from your favorite movies such as Batman, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, James Bond, and many more! Some client have even gone so far as to recreate the bat cave. Not into cinema? No problem! We build custom doors, too. 

A door for every kind of space

Many man caves are often themed. Walls may be filled with sports memorabilia or service medals. Some go even further, sporting full-fledged western themes, speakeasy style bars and more. Others prefer a more contemporary style, incorporating everything from hand restored vintage industrial lighting to elegantly painted artwork. No matter the space we have something that fits. That’s why our doors have been used on projects for celebrities and even royalty.

Create your secret door.

Both our  Secret Mirrors, and Secret Bookcase doors, make for excellent camouflage to your masculine sanctuary. Each door comes from our factory fully assembled for easy installation. These doors come standard with an integrated automated lock with a hidden opening method – place a magnet in just the right spot of the door frame for the passageway to pop open!

Need something with some real WOW factor!? With our custom projects (starting at $7,500) options abound. Custom opening triggers include playing notes on a piano to moving pieces on a nearby chess board.  See some example projects here.

We invite you to peruse our website to learn more about how our doors can transform you man cave! Feel free to reach out to us with questions about your specific project.