Organizing Solutions: Clutter-Concealing Secret Doors

Americans have clutter. Even the most organized probably have a junk drawer or basket stashed away somewhere. In fact, one poll found that 90% of Americans have a junk drawer, which is very likely unorganized.

It just happens, even to the best of us.

But clutter, or unorganized spaces, just don’t flow with a home that is otherwise tidy, thoughtfully finished and tied together with a cohesive aesthetic look. Secret doors, like the ones offered at the Hidden Door Store, offer homeowners a creative and innovative way to conceal spaces or items that aren’t up to par — especially when entertaining. 

And, they add a little flair to a home’s overall look and appeal, offering an eye-catching and thought-provoking element. Here’s what we mean.

Stairway bookcase. Traditional, two-story homes often leave homeowners with an oddball space under the staircase, which is tall enough for a typical door and just big enough inside for creative storage. Kids may even find the space fun for forts or tea parties, but since they aren’t ventilated, those spaces would need to be used with the door open. When not in use, though, a hidden door bookcase could extend that area’s usable space while adding a fun design element to the home. And, if the space is a secret hideaway play space for kids, there is no cooler entrance than a hidden door. 

Mirror doors. Bedroom closets can get the best of homeowners. It’s not uncommon for closets to become a catch-all for everything that belongs in there and some things that really don’t. To elevate the look of a room or en suite bathroom, and to conceal the contents of that closet so that only someone who knows how to work the switch can access it, a mirror door would be an ideal addition. Not only does it serve a functional purpose as a mirror, it also serves a mechanism to keep anything that doesn’t need to be seen, unseen. 

Linen closet doors. Sometimes junk drawers become junk cupboards. Cabinets that store towels and cleaning supplies don’t always remain tidy, as items are used and hastily tossed back in. The same could be said for pantries. A linen closet door, with its interior functionality, can conceal both at the same time — acting as a functional storage unit for frequently-used items, conforming to the home’s style and concealing a potentially untidy pantry. 

Of course, the options at the Hidden Door Store go beyond these limited examples, extending to hutch doors, wine rack doors and even shoe rack doors — each of which could act as a clever disguise to a space that may need some organizational attention. To see what’s possible for your home, visit our gallery of options. 

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Hidden Door Store, a Gilbert, Arizona-based company, designs and manufactures a variety of premium secret doors disguised as bookcases, wine racks and hutches, among other options. A division of Creative Home Engineering, which has been an innovative leader in the field of hidden passageway design for more than 20 years, Hidden Door Store allows homeowners to install a “hidden gem” inside their home. Learn more at