Fitting The Perfect Secret Door Into The Right Space

Every home has bedrooms and kitchens, many have dining rooms and some have offices. A few have specialty rooms, used for crafting or as a theater or for entertaining. Those rooms, that take time to finish and weave together a theme, may benefit from an entryway as interesting as their contents.

This is where a hidden door comes in. 

Not only is a hidden door fun, serving an exciting novelty for those who use it, and for friends and guests who see it, they offer a bespoke finish to rooms that often get a little more attention than every other space in the house. 

At Hidden Door Store, we had those rooms in mind when we designed and built our selection of high quality, easy-to-install secret doors. We work on the premise that whatever can be imagined is essentially possible, if not with one of our doors, with a custom door from our sister company, Creative Home Engineering. 

Here are a few ideas for where to utilize a hidden door. And no, a mansion isn’t required. 

Playrooms. It’s nice to keep toys, games and forts tucked away and out of sight and playrooms offer that coveted space. Rooms designed with a theme, be it a wilderness fort or a princess castle, may be the perfect secret little world for kids — especially if they need to use a secret door to get into it. Any door could work, but a bookcase door that utilizes a specific, stationary switch may be best if kids will be the most frequent door operators. 

Offices. As more professionals embrace remote or hybrid workplaces, home offices are becoming more important. A secret door that closes off the space, keeping sensitive documents and materials safe and out of the way, could be the perfect way to finish an at-home office. While a wine rack door keeps happy hour within reach, a mirror door gives professionals one last look before they head into their next Zoom call. 

Flex rooms. If a flex room doesn’t become an office, it’s often up for grabs — transformed into a crafting hideaway, a hobby room, a gaming cave or a private movie theater. More often than not, those flex rooms are within sight of an established living area, which makes a hutch secret door or a bookcase secret door an ideal addition to a home’s fixtures. More importantly, the switches associated with these doors can be permanent, installed on one of the shelves (like a book that needs to be tilted, for example) so it can’t be misplaced — as the TV remote controls often are.

These are just a few examples of how a secret door can easily fit into an existing floor plan. To view all of the options available at the Hidden Door Store, browse our gallery. 

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Hidden Door Store, a Gilbert, Arizona-based company, designs and manufactures a variety of premium secret doors disguised as bookcases, wine racks and hutches, among other options. A division of Creative Home Engineering, which has been an innovative leader in the field of hidden passageway design for more than 20 years, Hidden Door Store allows homeowners to install a “hidden gem” inside their home. Learn more at

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