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Fitting The Perfect Secret Door Into The Right Space

Every home has bedrooms and kitchens, many have dining rooms and some have offices. A few have specialty rooms, used for crafting or as a theater or for entertaining. Those rooms, that take time to finish and weave together a theme, may benefit from an entryway as interesting as their contents. This is where a […]

Where To Place A Hidden Door? Here Are 3 Options.

Secret doors have long held the public’s fascination, stealing scenes in a number of movies, from Indiana Jones to The Goonies to Batman. The opportunity to have one in your own home, for reasons that range from security to pure leisure, is a novel one that definitely requires some planning. Before budgeting, logistics, and design […]

Secret Door Installation: Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Location

So you already own a home and now you’d like to have a secret door, but you’re not sure exactly where to put it inside your house. Maybe you’re not even sure if your house is a good candidate to have a secret door in the first place. Or perhaps you’re considering between several spots […]