Clever Protection: How Bookcase Doors Improve Home Security

Even as the home security market continues to grow, with the introduction and adoption of new technology, not everyone is on board. What’s worse is that not every system prevents an intruder from breaking in.

Home security statistics reveal that video surveillance systems are the most popular, and most widely adopted, security system for homeowners. Just over a third of homes have a doorbell with video capability, and less than a third of homes have an alarm system installed. 

Of course, video surveillance and noisy alarms are designed to act as deterrents for criminals and they are marketed as a tool to reduce crime. But, an investigative report by NBC found that few police departments find anything of value on doorbell cameras. 

That leaves homeowners who are interested in additional protection, for themselves of their belongings, looking for alternatives. And, a hidden door disguised as a bookcase is one viable option.

Security Through Obscurity

At the Hidden Door Store, we design and manufacture a variety of high quality hidden doors that offer homeowners a secret hideaway while also improving security and protection for valuables. Items that are stolen most frequently during home burglaries include cash, medications, jewelry, clothing, phones and keys — to say nothing of collectables and other valuables.

FBI statistics indicate that home burglaries are happening at a pace of more than one a minute across the US, and the vast majority of them, nearly 90%, go unsolved. That means the items that have been stolen are likely not able to be recovered. 

The frequency of home burglaries and the need to keep a home secured makes the desire and need for secret and secure storage even more important. It’s why we’ve designed our hidden doors to remain a secret, even in plain sight.

Our bookcase secret doors, for example, look and act like any other bookcase. Homeowners who have one of our secret bookcase doors use it as they would an ordinary bookcase, by stocking shelves with reading material, adding picture frames and souvenirs from trips, and choosing to have its shelves finished in a stain that complements or matches the rest of their interior decor. 

The big exception is that our bookcase secret doors are equipped with a locking mechanism that is paired with a secret switch. Homeowners have options when it comes to switches, from a magnet to a book that acts as a hiding place for the key. Regardless of the type of secret switch being used, a bookcase secret door adds a level of security while disguising a hidden space for valuables. 

Depending on the valuables that are being protected, the secret room behind the bookcase secret door may then contain a safe where items that criminals are attracted to can be safely hidden. 

In the market for a hidden door? Browse our showroom and discover the possibilities. 

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