Black Double Security Doors

Discreet Double Security Doors

We build the world’s-best custom, double steel security doors for residences, businesses and government locations.

FORGET double security SCREEN doors – with our custom, high security front doors all your entry security can be built in to one, beautiful, discreet, secure front door system.

Our fully custom high security doors can be designed to match any height and any width: including double door style. With our completely covert security door designs, you’ll avoid criminals thinking that you have valuables worth hiding.

Features of our Double Security Doors:

  • 14 or 16 gauage galvanized steel
  • Custom double door width
  • Custom double door height
  • Custom designs – including Oak & Mahogany
  • Second door can be replaced with sidelight or side panel
  • FE5 & FE15 security level double doors
  • Drill Resistant Manganese Plated Locking Mechanisms
  • 9 Security Cylinders on Lock Side, with additional cylinders above and below door
    Double Security Doors
    Find our double security doors in high profile locations globally
  • Four fixed locking cylinders on hinge side
  • 24mm steel encased hinge anchors
  • Optional bullet resistance
  • Optional automation
  • Optional biometrics

Be impervious to all forms of forced entry. Protect your family, protect your valuables.

Double Steel Security Door Styles

Because our security doors offer a custom design, your double doors can closely match your vision. 

wooden double security doors

Your security doors should accentuate the rest of your home’s architectural vision, but can also be the focal point of your home’s interior or exterior.

Would you like your security door to match a Victorian style? Do you prefer a minimalist modern style? Our door experts are adept at matching the most sophisticated styles and precise preferences – we can even match your double security doors to existing door styles already found in your home.

Our custom security doors can be clad in numerous materials, including natural Oak or Mahogany hardwood. Our paint and stain options run the gamut of colors – from bright blues to subdued gray – and stain options – from a dark ebony to a rich Walnut. 

You may also consider substitting the second door for a different feature, such as a sidelight (as pictured) or wood paneling.

Double Door Security Options

Both our Embassy and Fortress line of doors come standard with time tested and cutting edge security features. These include specialized, thick, heavy-gauge steel in an L-shaped door leaf; multiple security bolts on the strike side, top jamb, and bottom threshold; fixed bolts on the hinge side; manganese steel plated locking mechanisms; steel encased wall anchors; and much more. 

In addition to these standard features, we offer a wide range of upgrades. These include motorized locking features, biometric door access, concealed automatic closing, door position sensing, door bullet proofing, and much more. Visit our security door product pages below, or contact us directly, to found our more.

Starting at $12,000
Fortress Security Doors
US Department of State FE15
3.5 in. Steel Door | 4.5 in. Steel Frame
Security Bolts On All Four Sides
Bullet Resistance Upgrades
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Starting at $7,000
Embassy Security Doors
US Department of State FE5
3 in. Steel Door | 4 in. Steel Frame
Security Bolts On All Four Sides
Armor Plated Locks & Anchors
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