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DIY Your Hidden Door

man completing a DIY project with yellow screwdriver.

Many DIY enthusiasts look forward to the next home improvement project they can take on in their homes. A hidden door is ideal for beginners and experienced folks alike. The process is not as challenging as you might think, as long as you follow the right steps.  DIY vs. Hiring Installers Many people enjoy tackling […]

How Mechanical Systems Are a Secret Door’s Secret Weapon

A hidden door is more than just a fun addition to a home. They require more than a traditional hinge, a few panels of wood and a disguised access point. Hidden doors draw on specialized design, complex engineering and precise manufacturing to create a high-performance door that is meant to blend into its surroundings in […]

The Magic of Secret Door Switches

Hidden doors are cool all on their own. The fact that they’re hidden, essentially in plain sight, is one of the most intriguing characteristics about secret doors. The only thing more fascinating than the design and style of the secret door is how the door is opened.  Secret door switches offer hidden doors an undetectable […]

3 Things To Avoid When Purchasing A Hidden Door

It’s easy to think — or even daydream — about all the features you might want in a hidden door. Secrecy ranks up at the top, as does style. The two often go hand-in-hand to ensure a hidden door actually remains hidden.  Switches or a hidden door latch are also a common interest or priority […]

DIY or No? Hidden Door Installation Tips

DIY or No? Hidden Door Installation Tips

The purchase of a hidden door usually comes after much consideration. It’s not something that is done on a whim. It requires measurement, thought and planning. And the same can be said for installation.  Whether a homeowner orders a bookcase, a mirror or a shoe rack hidden door, its impending arrival begs the question, “Should […]

Packing And Unpacking A Secret Door

Packing And Unpacking A Secret Door

At Creative Home Engineering, we spend countless hours designing and engineering premium secret doors, using exceptional craftsmanship and the highest quality materials. So, when we pack a door to prepare it for the journey it will take to its intended destination, we make sure it’s protected by more than a layer of bubble wrap. In […]