Inspiration and Ideas to Help You Choose the Perfect Secret Door for Your Space

Create a luxury ensuite bathroom with a hidden door

1. Modernize Your Bathroom Luxury bathrooms bring grandeur to your house while also being significantly beneficial to your home’s overall value. Remodeled bathrooms have one of the highest return on …

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Do I need to hire a contractor for my door installation?

For many, installing a secret door is an exciting new adventure. But when that large, beautiful package arrives at your front door, the most intimidating part begins — installing it. …

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The Perfect Disguise: The Mirror Secret Door

Secret mirror doors are a great way to ensure the safety and security of your family and belongings. These doors combine functionality with aesthetic appeal by mimicking a conventional mirror, …

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DIY Your Hidden Door

Many DIY enthusiasts look forward to the next home improvement project they can take on in their homes. A hidden door is ideal for beginners and experienced folks alike. The …

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White Wall Panels

Turning your Wall Into A Secret Passage with a Panel Secret Door

Producing a panel secret door used to be expensive because it required a custom design to make it look natural. However, The Hidden Door Store has a brand new product that …

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Burglar breaks into home with crowbar.

Home Heists: The Most Commonly Stolen Items and How to Protect Them

In a 2023 nationwide survey, 20% of respondents named property crime the top safety problem keeping them at night. The survey response reveals that most Americans find theft, burglary, vandalism …

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Young blonde woman sitting on a couch using her computer.

Creating A Sanctuary Room At Home With A Secret Door

Have you ever wanted a place at home that is solely yours? Somewhere that you can retreat, regroup, and relax away from the eyes of friends, family, and strangers? Now …

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Transforming Extra Rooms Into Usable Secret Spaces

Empty nesters have a unique opportunity once all of the kids grow up, move out and find places of their own. They suddenly have space that is readily available for …

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Increase A Home’s Value By Adding A Hidden Door

Selling a home is always a competitive endeavor, even in a seller’s market. Homeowners need to do everything they can to make their home stand out from the others on …

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How Mechanical Systems Are a Secret Door’s Secret Weapon

A hidden door is more than just a fun addition to a home. They require more than a traditional hinge, a few panels of wood and a disguised access point. …

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The Magic of Secret Door Switches

Hidden doors are cool all on their own. The fact that they’re hidden, essentially in plain sight, is one of the most intriguing characteristics about secret doors. The only thing …

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Create An Enchanting Play Room With A Hidden Door

Kids love to hide. They’ll play endless hours of hide-and-seek, find the perfect spot to sneak up on someone and surprise them, and build meticulous forts that are available to …

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