Home Heists: The Most Commonly Stolen Items and How to Protect Them

Burglar breaks into home with crowbar.

In a 2023 nationwide survey, 20% of respondents named property crime the top safety problem keeping them at night. The survey response reveals that most Americans find theft, burglary, vandalism and arson more concerning than violent crime, which is the second leading issue they identified. 

On average, burglary victims lose $2,661 per theft. The data proves burglars can force entry into secure homes, bringing up the need for additional measures to deter crime.

Ensuring your valuables are stored at a secure location and well-protected gives you peace of mind. Learn more about the state of residential heists in the U.S., including the most commonly burgled items and how a customized door can boost home security.

Common Stolen Items

Burglars act quickly to run away with anything they think has value, which often includes fine jewelry, diamonds, watches, cash, electronics, clothes, furniture, vehicles, personal documents and firearms. Even celebrities with homes that have high-security door systems aren’t resistant to targeting. 

In June 2023, Tina Knowles — the fashion designer mother of Beyonce and Solange — became a victim of burglary. The thieves ran away with over $1 million in money and valuables, despite these valuables being secured in a safe. 

The musician Drake had a similar experience when his mansion was broken into and the culprit walked out carrying his property in their hands. Although the thief was arrested, it’s hard to imagine that burglars nowadays can still manage to bypass sophisticated security measures in millionaires’ homes. 

Where Regular Safes Fall Short

People often use safe boxes since they’re supposed to protect valuables. They’re waterproof, fireproof and give homeowners the impression that they’re protected. However, these solutions can actually attract burglars. Having a visible safe tells thieves you’re keeping expensive items, encouraging them to intrude. Safes are a clear signal of where to focus their efforts for a successful break-in. 

While safes add an extra layer of protection, most models are easily compromised. Thanks to sites like YouTube, nowadays even unskilled burglars can open high-security safes with the right tools, like drills, sophisticated lock-picking sets and torches. Safes have a limited deterrent effect.

Hidden doors don’t only hide valuables from outside intruders. One of the most popular uses of hidden doors is for concealed gun rooms. These aren’t just useful for keeping your firearms away from thieves, but also keeping them out of the hands of your children.

Enhanced Security Measures

Traditional safes no longer suffice. Advanced security systems that work in tandem with a hidden door can reinforce the protection of your valuables. Here are some examples. 

1. Biometric Access Control

Much like your phone, biometrics increase the reliability of your home security system. These solutions typically use fingerprint, retina, palm face or voice scanners to unlock access. Better than cards or pins, technology integration makes these harder to breach. 

For instance, a face recognition system uses Internet Protocol (IP) cameras integrated into a computer’s software. It’s more secure since it records coded information based on the various features of your face rather than your actual image. If someone attempts to break in, they can’t open the door unless the facial features match yours. They also double as an excellent option for contactless door entry. Fingerprint systems work similarly and provide the equivalent security.

The best advantage of biometric types over traditional safe or keypad methods is their anti-burglary guarantee. They have a low risk of being compromised by children or family members, highlighting the exclusivity of access. Since you don’t have to memorize a series of numbers, they’re more convenient and user-friendly.

2. Remote Unlock Methods

One of the most exciting parts of any heist movie is the impressive unlocking methods protagonists use to open a secret door. The mechanisms may sound complex, but they are user friendly and easy to use. The electronic systems allow users to control a hidden entryway from a distance by using an electronic locking system with a wireless control capability. When pressed, the door automatically opens. 

Wireless Access Control

Your choice of electronic switch is pre-installed. The door needs to be plugged into a power source using an adapter for the mechanism to work. Some examples of switches are: 

  • Key fob: It enables you to open the high-security door with a click of a wireless button up to 60 feet away.
  • Wireless keypad: You can install it remotely and set a code to reveal the hidden door.
  • Wireless titling book: The most exciting option is to place a book anywhere and tilt the spine towards you to activate the unlock mechanism. 

These remote features are convenient, flexible and customizable based on your needs. Incorporating multiple lock combinations is also available to enhance security. 

Other configurations available on Hidden Door Store include magnetic key entry.

Magnetic Key Entry

This mechanism opens the door when you wave the magnetic key in front of a concealed sensor. It requires AA batteries to stay functioning. You can also install a second switch if an extra layer of protection is necessary.

3. Off-The-Shelf Mirror Door

Secret mirror doors are an unassuming disguise that can serve as a barrier against burglaries. They are installed to blend into any space — like the bedroom closet or home gym — and provide an undetectable entrance that intruders will likely overlook. Stone camouflage for hidden doors works the same way, but installing the false front can be complex and intricate, requiring a higher investment for installation. An off-the-shelf mirror door is an affordable alternative to this, providing the same level of flawless home concealment for your valuables without the hassle. The unlocking system uses a magnet key waved over the sensor, and a customizable finish, frame style, in- or out-swing option.

Why Hire a Professional 

Hiring an experienced local contractor for installation ensures you address the risk associated with imperfect door mechanisms that may compromise safety. Pre-hung units from Hidden Store Dore are easy to set up with a clear instruction manual to follow.

However, if you’re uncomfortable handling drilling tools, onboard an expert. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a professional:

  • They get the job done quickly without risks.
  • They can get the right size and placement for optimal security.
  • They install the door cleanly without debris and mess.
  • They can do it without damaging the wall or any of your property.
  • Off-the-shelf mirror doors with lock upgrades are concealed effectively.

Protect Your Valuables With Hidden Doors

A secret door is an upgrade to your home security and a better option than traditional safes. It serves as a barrier to thwart intruders and protect your valuables, whether cash, jewelry or expensive heirloom items. 

Get your dream secret passageway on a design, finish, features, and exciting lock system you like at Hidden Door Store. This ultimate addition to your home can transform an ordinary room into an extraordinary space to store your valuable items. 

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