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Increase A Home’s Value By Adding A Hidden Door

Selling a home is always a competitive endeavor, even in a seller’s market. Homeowners need to do everything they can to make their home stand out from the others on the market by offering an impeccable environment, making sure their curb appeal is in tip-top shape, and highlighting the home’s differentiating features — such as […]

Clever Protection: How Bookcase Doors Improve Home Security

Even as the home security market continues to grow, with the introduction and adoption of new technology, not everyone is on board. What’s worse is that not every system prevents an intruder from breaking in. Home security statistics reveal that video surveillance systems are the most popular, and most widely adopted, security system for homeowners. […]

Secure Valuables Behind A Hidden Door

People store their valuables in different ways. From the shoebox in the closet to the safe under the bed to the secret pouch hidden in the back of the sock drawer — some storage methods are more secure than others. Hidden doors offer an alternative that is secretive and secure for any number of items […]

3 Things To Avoid When Purchasing A Hidden Door

It’s easy to think — or even daydream — about all the features you might want in a hidden door. Secrecy ranks up at the top, as does style. The two often go hand-in-hand to ensure a hidden door actually remains hidden.  Switches or a hidden door latch are also a common interest or priority […]

Boost Visibility And Security With Hidden Doors

Boost Visibility And Security With Hidden Doors

The home security market is growing and will continue to in the coming years as new technologies make for easier installation and seamless monitoring for homeowners. When it comes to considerations about home security, individuals have reason to be concerned.  Statistics tell the story of home security, and that story begins with theft accounting for […]