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Creating A Sanctuary Room At Home With A Secret Door

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Have you ever wanted a place at home that is solely yours? Somewhere that you can retreat, regroup, and relax away from the eyes of friends, family, and strangers? Now more than ever, in the chaotic world we live in, it’s important to make time for yourself, especially time alone for your well-being.  Unfortunately, finding […]

Create An Enchanting Play Room With A Hidden Door

Kids love to hide. They’ll play endless hours of hide-and-seek, find the perfect spot to sneak up on someone and surprise them, and build meticulous forts that are available to “members only.”  It only makes sense that they’d love a secret way to enter their playroom.  Opening up modern play spaces Gone are the days […]

Secure Valuables Behind A Hidden Door

People store their valuables in different ways. From the shoebox in the closet to the safe under the bed to the secret pouch hidden in the back of the sock drawer — some storage methods are more secure than others. Hidden doors offer an alternative that is secretive and secure for any number of items […]

Home Office + Secret Doors: Creating A Healthy Separation

Workplace trends took a decidedly different avenue in early 2020, when almost every company adjusted to a remote working environment — for at least the short term — to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. While operations for many businesses have returned to normal, pre-pandemic routines, many others have adopted new practices that allow staffers to continue […]

Organizing Solutions: Clutter-Concealing Secret Doors

Americans have clutter. Even the most organized probably have a junk drawer or basket stashed away somewhere. In fact, one poll found that 90% of Americans have a junk drawer, which is very likely unorganized. It just happens, even to the best of us. But clutter, or unorganized spaces, just don’t flow with a home […]

For Secret Doors, Precision Is Part of The Process

For Secret Doors, Precision Is Part of The Process

Secret doors are built differently than other doors. By their nature, they face unique challenges, which underscores the importance for rigorous testing and precise assembly. At the Hidden Door Store, we are committed to an internal design and manufacturing process that takes these specific challenges into account, with the goal of ensuring lasting quality and […]

4 Factors To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Secret Door

4 Factors To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Secret Door

Secret doors come in all shapes and sizes. Some look like mirrors while others are disguised as functional fireplaces, everyday appliances or even vintage phone booths. The options are nearly limitless when it comes to designing and building a custom secret door or hidden passageway, particularly given our expertise in the field. Even if you’re […]

Secret Door Installation: Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Location

So you already own a home and now you’d like to have a secret door, but you’re not sure exactly where to put it inside your house. Maybe you’re not even sure if your house is a good candidate to have a secret door in the first place. Or perhaps you’re considering between several spots […]