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DIY Your Hidden Door

man completing a DIY project with yellow screwdriver.

Many DIY enthusiasts look forward to the next home improvement project they can take on in their homes. A hidden door is ideal for beginners and experienced folks alike. The process is not as challenging as you might think, as long as you follow the right steps.  DIY vs. Hiring Installers Many people enjoy tackling […]

How to Properly Measure Your Space for a Hidden Door

woman uses tape measure to measure door space.

Whether you’re looking to make a sanctuary within your home or safeguard your prized possessions, a secret door can create peace of mind for you and your family. Before diving into installation, properly measuring the space you intend to put the door in is essential. Here’s how to get it right with Hidden Door Store’s […]

Displaying Your Wine Without A Wine Cellar

toasting wine glasses at a dinner party.

According to a Wine Intelligence study, the regular wine-drinking population in the US is 77 million, or one in three American adults. And the people who love wine tend to collect.  What if your wine display served more than one purpose? Perhaps displaying your wine without a wine cellar by using a hidden wine rack […]

Creating A Sanctuary Room At Home With A Secret Door

Young blonde woman sitting on a couch using her computer.

Have you ever wanted a place at home that is solely yours? Somewhere that you can retreat, regroup, and relax away from the eyes of friends, family, and strangers? Now more than ever, in the chaotic world we live in, it’s important to make time for yourself, especially time alone for your well-being.  Unfortunately, finding […]

Transforming Extra Rooms Into Usable Secret Spaces

Empty nesters have a unique opportunity once all of the kids grow up, move out and find places of their own. They suddenly have space that is readily available for reimagination.  Movies tend to depict the age-old cliche of empty nesters turning what once was a child’s room into a home gym, but in reality […]

Create An Enchanting Play Room With A Hidden Door

Kids love to hide. They’ll play endless hours of hide-and-seek, find the perfect spot to sneak up on someone and surprise them, and build meticulous forts that are available to “members only.”  It only makes sense that they’d love a secret way to enter their playroom.  Opening up modern play spaces Gone are the days […]

Clever Protection: How Bookcase Doors Improve Home Security

Even as the home security market continues to grow, with the introduction and adoption of new technology, not everyone is on board. What’s worse is that not every system prevents an intruder from breaking in. Home security statistics reveal that video surveillance systems are the most popular, and most widely adopted, security system for homeowners. […]

3 Things To Avoid When Purchasing A Hidden Door

It’s easy to think — or even daydream — about all the features you might want in a hidden door. Secrecy ranks up at the top, as does style. The two often go hand-in-hand to ensure a hidden door actually remains hidden.  Switches or a hidden door latch are also a common interest or priority […]

Fitting The Perfect Secret Door Into The Right Space

Every home has bedrooms and kitchens, many have dining rooms and some have offices. A few have specialty rooms, used for crafting or as a theater or for entertaining. Those rooms, that take time to finish and weave together a theme, may benefit from an entryway as interesting as their contents. This is where a […]

DIY or No? Hidden Door Installation Tips

DIY or No? Hidden Door Installation Tips

The purchase of a hidden door usually comes after much consideration. It’s not something that is done on a whim. It requires measurement, thought and planning. And the same can be said for installation.  Whether a homeowner orders a bookcase, a mirror or a shoe rack hidden door, its impending arrival begs the question, “Should […]